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So What Wednesday

Happy Wednesday-Tuesday all!

I love this link up and look forward to reading what Shannon has to say every week.  I read her blog daily, actually, and she is such a fun blogger!  I am always surprised by what she says because if you look at her, she looks like the sweetest little quiet gal ever, but then you read what she says and I think “hoy cow, I want to hang out with this gal!” 

Anyway, I’m linking up for:

So What Wednesday

Today I’m saying SO WHAT if…

~ I will open and shut my windows 5 times a day just to get cool, fresh air in the house before and after the hot and humid stuff sets in

~ I rearranged the furniture in my living room and am not sure I like it and might just move it back to where it was before

~ I mopped the kitchen floor and it won’t dry for hours because it is already humid in here (and I’m holding out as long as possible before I have to shut the windows and turn the air on)

~ I am watching Baby Aspen’s big brother (age 7) and sister (age 10) today and am planning on taking them to the park to play and have a picnic so all 4 kids won’t be in the house tearing it apart and driving me insane

~ I am watching Mad Men on Netflix with my husband just to catch as many free glimpses of John Slattery as possible (SSSOOOO hot!!! ow ow!!!)

~ we want to take the boys on a summer vacation but I haven’t even started planning or booking or even figuring out where we are going yet

~ it has taken me 12, possibly 13 weeks to complete the 9 week C25K program (I have week 8 to go, then I’m done!!! I made it!!!!)

~ I cried my eyes out watching the tribute to Jeanne Cooper on Y&R last night, it’s like losing an aunt that’s been around my entire life

~ soap opera characters are like my friends and I miss them when I don’t see them every day

That’s what I’m saying SO WHAT to today!

OMG!  A Baltimore Oriole just landed on my hummingbird feeder and drank from it!!!!  Holy smokes!!!  I’ve never had one of those before!  So cool! Wish I had my new camera so I could have taken a picture!  Speaking of which, it should be here end of this week/beginning of next!  Can’t wait!  More on that later.

Have a great Wednesday-Tuesday!



  1. Ummm, I am proud of you, because I am still on week four. I think I am going to start over though. I feel like if I actually tried harder I would make it.

    And, Puhlease turn on your AC. My arm pits are sweating just thinking about your humid house :)

  2. I vote you take the family to the Bahamas. Paradise Island is pretty amazing, and there's a little private island where you can encounter dolphins and other super fun water activities the boys would just love! :)

  3. The park is a great idea. Less mess. LOL..

  4. that c25K app kills me..and i should hopefully get back to the it in just a few short weeks when we are all moved :)
    I am in a house where there aren't enough windows and our owner of the house wont turn air on :( booooo

  5. ~ soap opera characters are like my friends and I miss them when I don’t see them every day - I literally just laughed out loud on that one - too funny!!! I watched Days of Our Lives from like 3rd grade until High School - we would watch it in the summer and on days off school - no matter how much time I missed I could always pick right back up... I saw a preview the other day on tv and couldn't believe, Will (Sammie's) son was now a grown man... ha ha ha ha ... the fact that I know this is really sad! ... anyways, you crack me up! Have fun at the park!!

  6. i'm on week 2 of my c25k App.. but still doing week 1... I'm so not a runner lol (yet)

    1. I nominated you for the Liebster Award!! :)
      Check it out on my page.

  7. I love Y&R!!!! I hope to watch the tribute tonight!!! I like to listen to General Hospital and Days while I'm at work! Soap junkie!

  8. Yay for new cameras! They're the best kind of toys!

    Also, John Slattery? Uh, more like John Hamm, bow chicka wow wow!! ;)

  9. these are one of my fave link-ups too! i wish it wasnt the same as weigh in wednesday! i might have to start alternating or something, haha. congrats on completeing c25k! ive been on week 2 foreverrrrrr

  10. Yay!!! You're almost done c25k!!! You'll feel good once it's all OVER!! Do you think you'll keep up with running?
    Good idea on the park, especially after you've washed your floors!!
    I hate humidity!! I have to keep my windows open when I shower or else it's all just a waste of time!

  11. Way to go on C25k! You rock girl! My hubs is just like you with rearranging furniture it drives me nuts!! Lol your still awesome though!! :)

  12. HI ERIN!!!!!!! :-) I am actually commenting blogs today. Have I finally organized and got control of my life? wait dont answer that!