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My answers: 

Unlike my sibling(s) (that I love very much).... I have no patience.  My sister got all of it.  ALL OF IT!

I most often dream... crazy, wild, weird, bizarre dreams.  And I talk in my sleep.

The best part of my day... is when Andy gets home.  We always do a lot of laughing and teasing as we are catching up on each other’s days.

I really don't understand... why everyone just can’t get along.  Come on, people, spread some love!  John Lennon and Peter, Paul and Mary knew what they were singing about.  Listen and do!

I get really annoyed... when driving behind idiots.

There's nothing like an… ice cold Mt Dew!

Lately, I can't get enough... avocados.  Seriously loving them right now!

One thing I am NOT is... two-faced.  What you see is what you get.  Boom.

I spent too much money on... a Victoria’s Secret bra in St Louis. 

I want to learn.... how to do amazing hair.

If I ever met __Vince Vaughn_______, I would... laugh my ass off (and try to seduce him b/c he’s HOT HOT HOT!)

I can't stop... dancing my ass off.  Seriously, once I start dancing I can’t stop (ahem, St Louis Sundeckers!!), so every song I hear now I start boogie-ing!  Good thing we have a wedding in 2 weeks with a DJ!!!  

Never have I ever... gotten pulled over by a cop (and now I will b/c I just said that!).

Reese Witherspoon... is gorgeous, sweet and adorable and I love her hair at all times. And I don’t care about the arrest thing … this time.  Next time I might feel a little different about her.


My husband’s answers:

Unlike my sibling(s) (that I love very much)....I am not the planner that he is (at least as far as recreation goes).  I tend to roll with the punches and basically do whatever Shmerpin (Erin) wants.

My best friend says...I don’t have to do this, but I’m going to do it for her anyway.

People call me...on the phone…the space cowboy…sir…

I most often dream...of Erin…with me…alone…uhhh… 

The best part of my  waking up to Erin, followed by hugs by the boys. 

I really don't understand...racism/sexism/homophobia.  Deep, I know, but seriously-haven’t we progressed enough as a society to let people be who they are without prejudices?

I get really annoyed...with demanding, pushy people-you are no better or more entitled than anyone else.  Take a number dickhead!  Sorry for the vent. 

There's nothing like...being a Hawkeye.  It’s great to be a Hawk! 

Lately, I can't get enough...sunshine.  One thing that’s nice about getting older is appreciating simple things more  .

One thing I am NOT is...a woman.  Had the wedding tackle since day one. 

I spent too much money on...buying Pancheros burritos, but man it was well worth it.

I want to learn....more about Erin, can’t get enough of that crazy ass girl. 

If I ever met _________, I boy McGuire #3, I would give him a hug and tell him I miss him.

I can't stop...Erin’s addiction to Mt. Dew.  It’s ok though, everyone should have at least one vice. 

Never have I ever...been to a tropical island and would love to go. 

Reese Witherspoon...apparently feels entitled.  Did anyone else read what she said to that cop that pulled her and her drunk Bo over?  “Don’t you know who I am” or something like that.  Classy, real classy Reese.


Another fun edition of the ‘Finish The Sentence’ link up!

My sister finally sent me the picture of me, Charley and my Grandma from Charley’s First Communion (we were both is prayer partners). 

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  1. Girl - you are so lucky to have such a great guy!! Hold on tight to that one =) ... and Mt. Dew is sooooooooooo grooooooooooooosss!! ha ha ha ha I don't know how you drink that nastiness! My kids aren't allowed to drink it because it is seriously like they are on crack if they do, bouncing off the walls and actin' a fool! ha ha!

  2. I love that you do Andy's answers too! And as I'm reading this I am enjoying an ice cold Mt Dew! It was calling my name today!

  3. I love that your husband answered them too!! Y'all are just too cute!!

  4. I don't understand mean people. It seems like they are everywhere right now...

    I need to find my picture of Vince Vaughn and send it to you. A few years ago, Todd was super close to him at a ND game. Love him too! I know we have had this conversation before. Have you watched The Watch yet? If not, you need to. Trust me, you won't be dissapointed!

  5. Love that the hubby participates in this!
    I think you and I may be the only good drivers out there. Why can't people drive?!!

  6. Vince Vaughn, YES!!!! Love, love him! And I love Andy too!! You guys are too cute for your own good!! How sweet are his answers? And girl, we need to get together to dance!! I'm not good, drinks help, but I still love to do it!