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1st Grade Field Trip

Happy Wednesday, all!  Yesterday I was MIA from blogging because I was chaperoning Aiden’s 1st grade field trip to the zoo.  We had a great day for it, the weather was PERFECT!  I was lucky enough to get to ride in a car with 4 other mom’s, so I didn’t have to suffer through the LOUD and CRAZY bus ride! 

Here are a few fun pictures.


I was so exhausted last night when we finally got home!  I am not a relaxed kind of mom and these trips make me super anxious and uptight.  Each mom is given their own kid plus one more, so I have someone else’s kid’s life in my own hands!! I panic.  So I am constantly reminding Aiden and the other kid to stay with me, stop doing that, don’t stand on this, PLEASE stop yelling, OHMYGOODNESS don’t fall in!  I mean seriously, I am not the fun mom!  But I am so nervous to have that responsibility of bringing another mom’s baby back home to her safe and sound that I go bananas!  Luckily yesterday I had a good kid with me so he was pretty easy to manage.  It was a great day, all in all.

I can’t sign off without mentioning the tragedy that happened in Oklahoma this week.  There are many organizations that are helping the victims of the storms, but one in particular is the Red Cross.  Just text the word RedCross to 90999 and $10 will be charged to your phone account and the money will go to the Red Cross to help those in need. 

See you here tomorrow!



  1. I'd way rather have a safe mom watching over my kids, than a fun mom that may let them get into danger!!
    Looks like the kids were all having so much fun! What a great trip, to the zoo!!
    Hope the rest of your week has been good!
    Chat soon!

  2. I am the same way - I would of cracked for sure.

  3. I am with Jodi, a safe mom is a great mom in my books. Sounds like a fun first grade field trip, Tevis' daughter is in 1st grade and didn't hear about a cool field trip like this. LUCKY.
    I am sad and heart broken for OK, i have family couple hours away from Moore.

  4. Better safe than sorry!!

    I would totally be the same way. If it is just my kid I am fine, but throw someone else's into the mix and I am done.

    Good for you for getting out of bus duty. That would have to be the worst!

  5. Well you sound like the kind of mom I would like watching my kid!! =) .. I am the same way though, if I am in charge of someone else's kid I am stressed to the max, don't want anything bad happening on my watch!

  6. I'm the same way! Major control freak and freak out about everything!! Looks like y'all had fun!!