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Woot Woot For Friday!

Yahoo, it’s Friday!!!  These holidays have really messed me up on the days of the week but I do love that the weekends have come that much faster with the shortened weeks.  No plans for us this weekend.  Well, I guess I have a plan to meet my mom and sister at a local quilt shop tomorrow morning.  They are having their annual 20% off sale so I’m going to finally hopefully get some fabric to make Bren’s quilt for his bed.  He’s still sleeping in a toddler bed, but quickly growing out of it, so we are going to start shopping for bunk beds for the boys and Bren will need a twin size quilt.  I bought Aiden’s a few years ago but for some reason feel like making Bren’s.  Just trying to pile on more to my plate before the baby comes. Ha!

Remember my goals for the New Year, particularly the one about not eating out for the entire month of January?  Well, caved on that one already.  Not that I’m giving up entirely but yesterday I was lonely here all by myself so I called my husband up for lunch. *sigh*  No plans for this weekend so hopefully I can stick to the plan and not eat out all weekend.  This will be the real challenge because we like to go out for supper after church on Saturdays.  It ends at 6:30 and takes us 20 minutes to get home so it just makes sense to stop somewhere.  I need to make a menu/meal plan so I have supper figured out.  That’s my biggest hurdle but if I can figure out what to make ahead of time it doesn’t seem like such a chore. 

Do any of you have those wall decals that are quotes on your walls?  I’m a little behind on this bandwagon, mainly because I can’t figure out what I want to stick to my wall.  I have a cousin who’s husband has a machine to make those so I’m trying to find the right thing to say (and right font to use) so he can make me one or two for my walls.  Here are a few I found, tell me what you think.

This one: I like the quote but not necessarily the font and I definitely do not like the stars.


Not sure about this one, might be too heavy of a quote. ??  And I don’t like the flowers on the fancy below it, but I do like the fancy.


I really like this one – the font w/ the important words bigger.  But, it seems rather long and BIG.  But I do have a big spot for this so maybe it’d work.


I like.


I like this for our bedroom, unless you think that seems too perverted.  Tell me if you do!


Okie dokie, folks.  That’s all for now.  Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I'd recommend maybe doing something in the crockpot for after church. That way it's ready when yall get home. I lol'ed at the last one. I don't think it's perverted...unless you have it next to the mirror over your bed, ha!

  2. I like one and 3 and the last one is great who cares if its pervy its your room bow chicka bow wow!