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Random Tuesday

Happy Tuesday to all!

Today I am watching a friend’s baby girl. She’s 2 months old and adorable!  I will be watching her until the end of May when school is out.  I am so excited to have a baby in the house.  She is good as gold, cute as all get out and smells so yummy!  Who doesn’t love how babies smell?  Brennan was so mad at me that Baby Aspen was coming today when he’s in school.  He kept telling me it wasn’t fair.  Ha ha, silly boy!  He will be a lot of ‘help’ so I’m happy to have this one day to get used to Aspen and her to me before all of the attention from Brennan starts. 

Aiden starts his week long Basic Skills test today.  Does your state do those?  I remember them from grade school, I actually liked taking them.  Am I weird or what?  Aiden was allowed to take a snack to school from home so I sent him with a granola bar and cereal bar.  He thought it was pretty exciting to get to take a snack.  It’s the little things!

Baby Aspen is snoring, hee hee!  I love babies!

Last night we went to town to get groceries and ate at the Mexican restaurant.  It didn’t sound all that appealing to me, even though I really love Mexican food.  I ordered a chimichanga with ground beef.  For some reason I could barely get it down.  It kept making me gag.  It tasted like it always does but for some reason the baby didn’t like it.  I got about half of it down before I finally gave up.  Andy thought I was losing my mind.  It’s so funny how pregnancy changes you!  I hope I get back my appetite for Mexican food or I’m going to be in trouble!  At least the salsa went down okay.

I have a stack of about 6 books that I’ve been putting off reading that I am going to start working on.  The first one up is Nora Roberts’ ‘Angels Fall’.  I have always been a Nora Roberts fan so I’m hoping this is a good one that keeps my interest.  I just finished Elin Hilderbrand’s ‘The Beach Club’ and it was just ok.  It had way too many characters to keep track of and I thought the ending was a little weird.  But I can get that one out of my book shelf and back to my mom finally. 

This was a random post, sorry for jumping around so much.  Have a great day!


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  1. That's too funny about the Mexican food. With my firt pregnancy, I was unable to eat any meat. Always made me sick. Not sure what the next one's going to be like but so far the baby doesn't like bagels LOL