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Pulling Out My Hair

I am so frustrated with Brennan, my 3 year old, today!!!  Ugh, this little boy has hit the stage of “I don’t want to so I’m not going to!”  Grrr, it’s a power struggle around here all day every day!  Every time I have asked him to do something over the past couple of weeks he hunches his shoulders, whines and says ‘Awwww, I don’t WANT to!”  I feel like screaming! 


There, I feel a tiny bit better. 

This is a picture of Sassy Pants back in the summer.  I now see this face multiple times a day.


Brennan used to be so easy.  He might try telling me no but if I started to count to three I only had to say one and he’d get moving.  Not no mo, grr!  I am glad he is finding himself but ‘himself’ is ‘me-self’ and me and I do not get along that well!  We are both stubborn and strong headed, and it’s our way or the highway.  One of those pain in the butts is enough in one household, 2 makes it a little crowded.  What to do, what to do?  Pray!

Another frustration I’m having around here is the constant mess.  No matter how many times a day we pick up I turn around and there is another mess.  Toys, books, coloring books, homework, random papers… I just can’t take it anymore!  And don’t even get me started on the bathroom!  I am not sure how to cure this, any suggestions?  I have thought about getting each boy a basket and putting anything of theirs I find on the floor or left out in it and one or two times a day have them grab their basket and put everything away that’s in it.  IDK, will that work or just cause me more frustration?  And is it not teaching them to keep things picked up if I’m picking them up for them and putting them in a basket?  I suppose it will keep the clutter off the floor and me a little more sane.  Maybe I should say if it’s in the basket they lose it for a week?  Will that help?  Tell me what you think.

And last, but not least, I think it is time for me to stop reminding Aiden of every single step of his morning.  Brushing his teeth, making his bed, getting dressed, packing his bag, filling his water bottle, grabbing his snow pants and boots.  He’s 6, in 1st grade, and I think if I keep telling him what to do all the time he’s never going to learn to do it on his own and I’m not teaching him responsibility.  Am I an evil witch? Is it too soon?  I honestly think he is old enough to remember most, if not all, of that himself.  But maybe I’m wrong?  I need advice on this, too. 


Sorry for the boring, downer post on a Friday.  Doing anything fun this weekend?  We are headed to the BIG big city to see our friends and to celebrate one’s birthday.  Otherwise we have a low-key weekend, I’m ready for it!

Okay, folks, weigh in on my frustrations and give me some advice and tips!  Thanks in advance!



  1. I just emailed you cause I wrote a comment and it turned into four paragraphs. Haha.

  2. Hang in there girl. Wes is going through something right now - and it is hard.

  3. Praying for you. Going through stuff wit the boy now so I feel ya!!!!!