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Shoes, Cards and Baby

Has this been a a long week for anyone else?  It was a busy week so you’d think it would have flown by but for some reason I feel like Monday was eon’s ago!  Sorry to be a bit of an absent blogger this week, trying to get the hang of having Baby Aspen here.  Next week I’ll start writing up posts at night so they can be ready for you first thing in the morning.

I wanted to share 2 new pairs of shoes I recently bought.  I am in LOVE!  First the flip-flops.


I got these at Kohls and am DYING for it to warm up to 60 degrees so I can break them out!  I just LOVE LOVE LOVE them!  So super cute!

Next, I got these flats at Target on clearance.  I have them on my feet as I write this and think they are so darn cute (and comfortable!).


They look quilted with a shiny ‘leather’ piece on the toe.  Ahh! LOVE!

And totally unrelated, here are a couple of cards I made at my Stampin’ Up! workshop last week.


Valentine’s Day, my heart sings!  And below is a card I made at the workshop (on the left) and my version I made for a friend’s birthday on the right.


One last thing.  I am planning on hosting a Valentine’s Day link up about love stories.  So start thinking of a love story you want to share.  It can be about your love for your favorite pet, your grade school boyfriend, your first real crush or the love of your life.  Anything goes!  I’ll be working on a button but plan on linking up on February 14th!

Pregnancy Update: As of yesterday I am 17 weeks along.  According to Baby Center the baby is the size of an onion.  Who wants to think of their baby as an onion?  Weird comparison.  Anyway, feeling good, I feel like the pregnancy has slowed waaaaayyyy down.  3 weeks till my ultrasound!  Can’t wait!  And this is weird, but I do remember doing this with my other two pregnancies:  I am super clingy to Andy!  I seriously can’t be around him enough!  I guess it’s better than not being able to stand being around him – ha!

Well, Dearhearts, have a wonderful weekend!  We are heading to an All State Band Concert tomorrow evening in support of our niece who got in – way to go, Addison!  And after we’re hitting up Buffalo Wild Wings to help with my hot wing cravings (boneless, mild sauce please)!  Maybe DQ after to help with my ice cream craving!  Baby likes junk! Ha ha ha!!!  Love to all!



  1. I love the cards - love them. Oh yeah a love link-up... I "think" I know what I am going to post on.. LOL... Yay for baby and those flats are too cute.

  2. PLease do all my shoe shopping for me!!!

  3. Love both pairs of shoes!

    I totally hated Jon during one of my pregnancies, it was horrible. I was the same way as you with my other three pregnancies though, couldn't get enough of him. Haha!