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My Treasures, Your Trash

Hello, everyone!  Welcome to my new followers – I can’t wait to get to know you better (leave me a comment so I can do just that!).

Take a look at this:



After 10 1/2 years of marriage that is all that is left of my stuff at my parent’s house.  Well, WAS the rest of the stuff.  That stuff is now at my house.  I had so much fun going through all of it.  Good memories were packed away in those boxes.  My husband thought most (okay, all) of it was junk but he was super sweet about watching me go through it and exclaim “Oh my gosh!  I forgot about this!”  “Oh my gosh!  I made this!”  “Oh my gosh, why did I keep this?”  And my boys had fun watching, too.  Here are some of the treasures I found.

Part of my eclectic CD collection.  Seriously, X-Files soundtrack, Madonna and The Romeo and Juliet soundtrack.  Weird.


There’s also Shania Twain, Green Day, Aerosmith, Barenaked Ladies.  Honestly, how terrible was my taste??


Those orange and black balls were from my cheerleading days.  Our team mascot was the Demon (we are NOT Satan worshippers, just bad asses!).  That doll is a ceramic piggy bank.  And there are my letters I earned from academics, cheerleading and band.  I even found my graduation tassels in there!


JACKPOT!!!!  BARBIES!!!  Damn, Ken, you’re lookin’ good! Bah ha ha!!!


And this, the very first wedding bouquet I ever caught!  I have actually caught 2 in my life, the second one was all white so I added a few springs of my wedding colors to it and used that to throw at my own wedding.  And the cool thing with that one was that the tradition held true – I was the next person in that family to get married, some 10+ years later!!!  And now that bride’s son and my oldest son are classmates and friends!  Too crazy!  Can you tell that this bouquet was tossed in the 80’s?  (That’s my sweet little Brennie holding the bouquet, he was such a good helper!)


After going through all of these treasures I packed them back up and had Andy carry the totes to the basement.  I had 2 boxes full of my porcelain dolls, still in their original boxes (like that makes them more special or something, duh) but am getting rid of all of those.  They aren’t worth any money and except for 1 that I’m keeping they just don’t mean anything to me anymore.  And I doubt a daughter, if ever I have one, would want them.  It was an obsession of mine back in the day, now I’m over it. 

I also found 2 boxes of old stuffed animals, mostly bears, because I used to really love bears.  Some were special to me, had nice memories attached to them, but what would I do with them now but put them back in the box and store them? So I’m hoping the Children’s Hospital in the big city will take them to give to kids in need of some extra love.  They can use them more than I can.

Oh, I almost forgot!  I now have my wedding dress here!  I didn’t even think to take a picture of that for you.  Dumb.  I have no idea where my husband stashed that so will have to try to find a picture of me actually wearing it to post sometime. 

So, do you still have boxes of memories at your parent’s houses?  Have you pitched and whittled down your treasures?  How did you let things go? I have an emotional attachment to anything from my childhood and it feels like I’m throwing away friends but I know I can’t keep it all…right?

Tomorrow I’m linking up with Amy from ‘The Story of Us’ for a Super Bowl recipe link up.  I hope you join in!

Tomorrow is also my 16 week baby checkup.  I will post after I get back from that and let you know how things are going.  Can’t wait to hear the baby’s heartbeat!

Have a good one!



  1. I don't have too much at my parents house but I do have a few bins in my garage. My husband and I are planning some renovations soon so I can't wait to go through the bins. They have been down there for about 6 years!

  2. New follower here!
    You're really making me want to get organized! I'm a neat freak but have some areas from when we moved that I need to tackle. Out of sight out of mind lol.

  3. OMG Green Day was the SHI*!!!!!! HAHA - I loved a trip down Erin's History lane:) Also Cheerleader - I love ya. AND best of luck at the 16 week check-up. Keep me updated ss.

  4. This reminds me that I really need to go get my last few boxes out of my moms garage. Haha. What a fun post down memory lane. =)

  5. I love looking through memory boxes!