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Getting To Know You, Getting To Know All About You!

I realized the other day that I haven't really written (or is it wrote?) about myself on here much - aside from my day to day stuff.  So I thought I'd write a post about me today.

  • I am a Pisces, although I don't follow that zodiac sign stuff
  • My favorite color is GREEN, any shade of beautiful GREEN
  • I was a cheerleader in high school and still regret not going to a University where I could try out for their squad
  • I am a licensed cosmetologist and will go back to a salon when my kids are in school
  • I am scared of bugs and spiders and will freak out until someone comes and kills them for me
  • I am an emotional person and cry whether I am sad or very happy
  • I hate growing up
  • I love to garden
  • I am a scrapbooker and am addicted to buying stuff for scrapbooking but don't scrap often enough to use up my stash
  • I am very girly, even though I'm a born and raised farm girl
  • I am very black and white (meaning in my head it's either 'this way' or 'that way' but nothing in between
  • I am opinionated, VERY, and have had to learn to reign in my opinion
  • If I love you I will lay my life down for you
  • I am a mean ol' mama bear, don't mess with my kids! (Or my family and friends)
  • I dream of going to Europe someday
  • I like history, WWII era mostly
  • I was born a few decades too late -- I should have been born in the middle 50's so I could come of age during the 60's and 70's and enjoy all that music, fashion and culture
  • The Beatles are my all-time favorite group.  I know every song and have my boys digging them too
  • I listen to country, pop and some rock music, but my favorite genre of all is Oldies
  • I like to cook
  • I love to sing.  I sing in the car, sing to my boys, sing while cleaning, sing, sing, sing! (Thus the musical title to this post and others!)
Ok, for now that's enough "I's". :)  Leave me a comment with one thing you think I'd like to know about you.  Happy Thursday!


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  1. Hey! Following your blog from Mama Laughlin's group. I can relate to alot of those bullets above... but especially the Beatles one! My dad is a Beatles fan and I grew up listening to them, plus lots of other old-school smooth listenings from the 70s. I love alot of music from that era! One thing you'd like to know about me... I've broken both of my big toes - on two separate occasions several years apart. :) Happy Thursday!