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Early Spring = Early Fall?

Boy does it feel like fall today!  Yum!  Or ahhh.  Whatever, I love it!  There's an awesome breeze, cool temps, overcast.  *Sigh*  We had such an early spring, temps in the 80's in the March of all times!  So I wonder if that means we'll be having an early fall, temps in the 50's/60's in August.  Today's high is supposed to be in the mid-70's, but so far we're not out of the 60's.  It's amazing.

So crazy/funny/awful story.  Last evening I went out to fill my hummingbird feeder. I have a pair of hummingbirds who frequent this feeder about 30 times a day, no lie.  So last night out I go to refill it and the string hanging it breaks as I place it back on the shepherd's hook.  Down it goes, crash, boom, BANG and the part holding the nectar breaks.  Ker-splat.  No fixing it.  Ugh.  So I throw it away and come into the house to pout.  After about 5 minutes I look out and see my friends buzzing around where the feeder used to hang then they fly off.  A few minutes later they come back, looking again.  At one point the poor things are sitting on my clothes line looking longingly at the lonely hook where their food used to be.  I had to stop watching I felt so sad.  I was just sure they'd leave and I'd never see them again. 

This morning there they were again, flying around looking for their breakfast.  We were going to town today to meet my mom for lunch so I stopped by the store and bought a new, nicer feeder for them.  I have it filled up and hanging on it's hook but so far I haven't seen my dear, sweet, little hummingbird friends.  I hope by the end of the day I see them out there trying it out.  I bought a deluxe version compared to what I did have, hoping to buy their love back. Ha, weirdo. :)
Wow, Blogger, you uploaded that very nicely.  Dare I try my other pics?

Anyway, if you want to make your own Hummingbird nectar here's the recipe:
1c. water
1/4 c. sugar
Bring to a boil, stirring to dissolve the sugar.
4:1 is the ratio of water to sugar

Do you have any Hummingbirds in your garden?

Happy bird watching!

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