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Cheating On My Pal

Today was weigh-in day and I failed epically!  Ugh.  It was all my fault (no kidding, Mr. Obvious).  Here's why:
~ yesterday I decided to make chocolate chip cookies and instead of eating 1 small spoonful of dough I ate 5 or 6 spoonfuls
~ Monday was a bad day at work for my husband, so to help him drown his sorrows I went to the gas station after the boys were in bed and bought us each a bottle of pop - duh!
~ I started Jillian's 30 Day Shred on Monday, which means I started building muscle (weight?), therefore I didn't lose any weight
~ I didn't use the My Fitness Pal app I downloaded to my phone a few weeks ago

So here's what I discovered about myself where My Fitness Pal is concerned -- I'm a cheater.  I cheat!  I have never cheated on a test before but I cheat on this almost daily.  I don't put in every single thing I ingest (fountain pop from lunch out, chips and salsa at a restaurant, etc) and if I am having a bad eating day I don't input anything into my food log.  I figure if I don't see it it's not that bad.  WRONG. SO wrong!  So who am I cheating by not keeping good track and facing my demons?? ME!!!  I am cheating me.  It's so disgusting and embarrassing.  I honestly thought if I set it up so other's could see my daily food log I'd be held somewhat accountable.  Instead I just cheat. 

Well, no more.  I weighed in today and gained back 2.8lbs. Yikes!  I can't keep doing this. I am determined to do better, determined to lose this weight, determined to look better, feel better, BE better.  I AM DETERMINED!!!  So even though I was super frustrated this morning when I stepped on the scale I put on my shoes and did the 30 Day Shred.  I will do it again tomorrow.  I will do it the day after.  The only way I am going to beat this demon is to keep trying, keep pushing myself, keep going.  And to not eat shovelfulls of cookie dough anymore. 


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