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I'm In Heaven!

Dear Grandma,

I am in heaven today!  I went to work this morning and about 1 1/2 hrs in the Internet went down, which is how I access the program that I am using for this job.  So, after sitting there for another hour, getting paid to do nothing, they informed me that it was going to be at least one more hour and to go home.  So I picked up my Brenner Bug and came home!!!  Home, how I've missed you!  After putting B-bug to bed (he fell asleep on the way home) I threw the first of probably 3 loads of laundry in the wash, grabbed a bowl of cereal for lunch and am now catching up on Facebook, Pinterest and all the blogs I read.  Ahhhh, sigh!  This is heaven.  I love, love, LOVE being home! 

Guess who else loves being home -- Brennan!  This little boy is my double, I swear.  Last Friday he cried on the way to the sitters, telling me he wanted to go to my house.  (Tear.)  I thought it was either a.) it had been a long week and he was just tired and ready to be home for a change, or b.) scared that the little boy who spit on him the day before would spit on him again.  But this morning he did it again.  And today he was going to my sister's, whom he loves and he loves the kids there.  So I realized that it was more like 'a' from above and he's a homebody and just wanted to be with me.  (Tear again.)  (I feel the same way!)

Love you!

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