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But I Don't Want To Be A Pirate!

Dear Grandma,

I am fairly certain that you NEVER watched 'Seinfeld', so you might not understand this quote.  It had something to do with him promising to wear a 'pirate shirt' during an interview, and he hated it and felt ridiculous wearing it, so he said "But i don't want to be a pirate!" when trying to get out of wearing it. It's how I feel about this temporary job I've agreed to do for Mom's bank.  "But I don't want to be a worker!"  If I get nothing else out of this job it has shown me how much I enjoy staying home with the boys.  Being a stay at home mom was/is my calling!  Except for being a teacher, I have done all the job types that I ever thought I wanted to do.  Cosmetologist, banker and stay at home mom.  And I know I do not have the patience to be a teacher so I'm not upset that that one didn't work out.

So, this job.  It's fine, but sitting in an office all alone with no human contact is NOT for me.  All I am doing is inputting 'ticklers' into a new program they have.  Ticklers for loans.  So every year when a business or farmer needs to bring in their financials this system will send a 'tickler' to the loan officer to call the individual and set up a meeting.  I love making lists (some weird OCD thing of mine) and I love putting the appropriate information into the appropriate boxes, so this little job isn't too far out of my realm of...talents?  Whatever it is, it fits me fine, except for the lack of human contact.  I'm a chatter-er, I love to talk, so not talking all day long gets old.  But I guess I was sort of used to it, hanging out with a toddler all day isn't exactly like having an adult standing there that you have a full-on conversation with.  Especially when I say 'wike' instead of 'like', or 'you're such a coochie coochie coochie coochie!'. :)


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