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60 degrees on January 5th???

Dear Grandma,

Wow, this weather is incredible!  We've had the warmest, driest winter in recent memory this year.  Today it is going to top 60 degrees!  So bizarre!  And it's even weirder to have the windows open on January 5th.  I keep looking at the bare trees out the window wishing they'd have small green leaves coming on.  It smells like spring!  And it reminds me of when, as a kid, we'd burn the terraces on Mom and Dad's farm in early spring.  Days like today, where the sun was out, the temps were mild and the light breeze was finally warm instead of the cold wind that went straight to your bones all winter long.  We'd burn the ditches and terraces, then head into the house about supper time and pop a frozen pizza in the oven.  And few years it hit on the same night that the movie 'The Ten Commandments' was on, so we'd watch part of that.  It's funny, until Andy and I were married I'd never seen the entire movie because it was so long that we'd head to bed long before it was over.  Aww, good memories.

I think Bren and I will walk over to school to get Aiden today!

Loving and missing you,

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