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Workin' It Wednesday || Marriage

Finally halfway to the weekend!  We are celebrating our ornery little Tate this weekend and I can't wait!  In the meantime it's...

This month's topic is how we keep our marriages strong.

First off I have to say I have the BEST husband in the entire world and he makes it easy to keep our marriage strong.  He treats me like a queen, never falters in his support of me, is always there for me when I need him, among a million bagillion other things.

When we are 71 and celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary and someone asks us how we stayed married all those years I already know I'll say the answer to a happy marriage is laughter.  We are always laughing, whether at something the other has said or done or at something we are experiencing together or at our crazy kids - whatever it is we are laughing a TON and that makes all the difference on those long days when you feel like you just can't change one more diaper or wipe one more nose or check one more page of homework.

We are 100% each other's biggest cheerleader and best friend.  I always have my husband's back and he has mine.  Any decision we have to make we make together.

On days when the stress of raising 4 kids or work gets to be too much we go for a drive in the country.  We 'hold hands and chit chat'.  I put quotes around that because one time we were heading out to Omaha for a friend's a wedding, just the two of us.  Another friend driving out was texting back and forth with me and asked how it was going.  I told her good and she texted back "yea, you two are probably holding hands and chit chatting" which was totally true.  We got quite the kick out of it but it's how we roll when in the car.  Holding hands and chit chatting.  The little bit of contact keeps us connected and relaxes us both and we come back home in much better, less stressed spirits.

I'd love to say we go on regular date nights but it just doesn't happen - it's too expensive paying a babysitter and too much a hassle asking family to keep the kids for us that often.  Luckily we do still get a few times a year out of the house just the two of us and that is always so nice.  Give us a year and Aiden will be 12, all the kids another year older and he can be our FREE babysitter!  Monthly dates here we come! :)

We do everything together!  It is very rare that one of goes somewhere without the other.  I do get out once a month by myself for book club and brunch with the girls here and there but generally speaking we are always together.  We just love being around each other.  I've said before, I never have as much fun with others as I do with Andy.  He's my best friend and I just love him so very much!

This might sound silly but we almost always are sitting together on the couch - rarely one sitting on one couch and the other sitting on the other couch.  And because of that we are always touching - whether I have my feet on his lap and his hand resting on them, or holding hands, or touching shoulder to shoulder - whatever it is there is lots of contact which keeps us connected.

Those are just a few ways we keep our marriage strong.  Comment below with how you keep your marriage going strong!


  1. love that you're one another's biggest cheerleader! its all about support and being there for one another that counts! So glad you joined the link up and can't wait to read more of your blog! hope you'll stop by mine as well :) Happy Wed!

    1. thanks for the comment! I'll definitely check out your blog, thanks!

  2. Gah! You two are the sweetest.
    Scott and I hold hands in the car, and I love it. It's probably my favorite little thing we do.
    We can totally relate on not getting out all that often. But, when we do we sure have the best time!

  3. Oh my goodness . . . so sweet his post! You two are adorable and I love that you are best friends! I'm a lurker these days but still love to see your posts! Hope you're surviving winter!!! :-) Happy bday to Tate!!

  4. I love this. You guys are the cutest!

  5. I love this. Tim and I have to have even just the tiniest contact too... except when I have cold feet, he hates when we are in bed and I touch him with my cold feet.