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Nail Polish Swap

It's been too long since I've done a blogger swag swap so when I saw the nail polish swap these ladies were hosting I jumped right on board!

I was matched up with co-host Justine from the Full Hands Full Heart blog - I've been following her for a few months already and she has the sweetest little family of 7 so I was really excited to pick out polishes for her.  You can see what I found for her HERE.

Within a week of being matched we had each mailed off our polishes.  I was so excited when I found my package in the mailbox!

Just look at these cute little bottles of Essie polish - my first Essie polish ever!  I have a weird habit of not painting my toes in the winter so haven't tried any of these colors out yet but in about a month I'll be back to pretty-ing up my toes and can't wait to try the lavender shade first!

Thanks, Justine, for the sweet box of polishes!


  1. Look at all those Essie bottles! So fun! Justine did a great job picking out these for you! =) Thanks for joining us in this swap!

  2. Cute little ESSIE polishes in such great colors!!
    And I'm like you, I tend to not paint my toes in the winter...but with getting such pretty polishes, I think I am going to have to change that. :oP

  3. Justine is one my favorite bloggers, and this was such a fun swap! I love all those Essie colors! Have a terrific Tuesday!

  4. this looks fun.... love your new colors.

  5. JACKPOT! What a fun little collection of colors! Essie is one of my favorite polish brands (when I actually paint my nails). I hope you love it!!

  6. I loved this swap; so fun!! I love Essie polishes! They have such pretty colors! Justine did a great job!

    1. I've never used Essie before so am very excited to try them out and see how they last! Thanks for the comment!

  7. I have a cute little set just like this I got myself for Christmas. It has a forest green, a plum, gold, and red. They were perfect for Christmas. And will be good for Valentine's.