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Life Lately

Hello hello!  Today is my Monday - Andy and the kids were all home yesterday for President's Day so today will be extra crazy trying to get the house back in order after the weekend and doing my usual busy Tuesday stuff (errands, groceries, etc).  And don't short weeks always feel extra long?  

Here's a little 'life lately' from around here.

Sweet little Tate fell asleep in the car with his hand in his pocket.  This made me smile. And yes, I was parked when I took the picture.

This silly little girl looked so springy last week when the temps were in the 50's and 60's so I had to take a picture.  Then she gave me this precious pose.  All the heart eyes!

Andy and Aiden went to a basketball tournament so these two goofballs, Tenley and I went to town for a Walmart run.  We couldn't resist taking a picture of them in this St Paddy's Day hat!

A few months ago I saw that Belinda Carlisle, solo artist and lead singer of The Go-Go's, was coming to a casino near us.  She was big in the 80's and my mom, sister and I all love her music so I suggested that for our birthdays (all within 6 weeks of each other) we go to the concert.  This was us at supper before the concert.

This is Belinda Carlisle!  She has been a singer/artist for 5 decades she said and holy smokes does she NOT look it!  She's gorgeous!  And wow did she have major energy!  She sounded amazing and we had so much fun singing and dancing along!

Every year in 4H the kids have to give a presentation to their club.  It's supposed to be ag/4H-related (ag being agriculture) but our club is lenient and lets them do anything they are interested in.  Last year Aiden did his presentation on shop safety.  This year together we decided he should build a blue bird house and do a presentation on how he built it, info about blue birds and where and how to put up the houses. Here he is with his finished product.  He's going to take this presentation and bird house to the fair, also. Photo credit goes to Andy.

Brennan is making his First Communion this April.  He needed a new dress shirt and tie, and dress shoes so since he was off school and Andy was home yesterday we headed to the big city to do some shopping. We left Andy, Aiden and Tate home to build that birdhouse while we went shopping with Tenley.  We had a great day and it was so fun to pair off these two and just get out and about the three of us!

That's been life lately!

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  1. My boys would LOVE that St. Paddy's hat! I am going to have to check my local Walmart and see if they have it.

  2. Tate with his hand in his hoodie pocket is so cute. Tenley in her spring-y outfit. GAH! SO ADORABLE!!
    It's awesome that your kids are in 4H. I always wished I'd been in it. They're learning some invaluable things!! That blue bird house is awesome, and I know Aiden will rock his presentation!