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Three Things \\ Aiden

Have you ever looked at one of your kids and just been shocked at how big they've gotten?  Every once in a while I get gobsmacked when I look at my kids.  Recently it's been Aiden.  For instance, the other night he was getting into the refrigerator.  I couldn't believe how tall he looked standing in front of it!  These kids are growing up before my eyes and maturing into some of the neatest kids I've ever met.  It's a fun journey to be on.  Here are three things about Aiden right now.


Aiden loves playing sports, LOVES playing them!  That is totally his thing!  Basketball, soccer, baseball and football - he loves them all.  He likes watching sports and loves going to the high school games with his buddies.


Aiden has an awesome sense of humor!  He is quick witted and can hang with the best of them.  He has the best time with his friends and loves spending time with them.


Aiden is an amazing big brother.  He bickers with Brennan and a little with Tate, which is normal, but otherwise he is so loving towards them and Tenley.  He loves to play on the floor with Tenley and is so sweet to her.  Aiden is almost always so helpful around the house and will do anything I ask him to do for the little ones.  He embraces his role as big brother and totally rocks it!

I can't believe my firstborn will be 11 years old this summer!  I'm so glad God chose me to be this boy's mom, he's pretty awesome!


  1. He just looks like a good kid. I've never met him and can only go by what you say but looking at all the pictures over the last year, I'd say you are raising a fine young man!

  2. What a sweet and athletic little man you have.
    And, I think Aiden and Marcus sound very similar!

  3. Aiden and Carter seem as if they could be kindred spirits.

    That last picture made me giggle... looks like hubby is enjoying the new window. lol