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Birthday Weekend Rewind

Oh Monday, why did you have to come so soon?

It was a great weekend for the most part.  It would have been a wonderful weekend had Andy not been sick all Saturday.  Because of that we cancelled our plans to go out that night for my birthday.  We'll try it again soon.

Saturday morning, my birthday, was pretty relaxing.  Andy made me cinnamon rolls for breakfast and we lounged around watching Rick Steves on TV.  Does anyone else out there love watching his travel show?  He has such a relaxing way about him.  Anyway, we watched Rick while Andy ran to the bathroom every 20 minutes.  I'm not even exaggerating.  He felt fine aside from the frequent bathroom trips.  We knew there was no way he was leaving the house like that, though, so we had a quick, easy lunch of ham and cheese sandwiches and I left at 11:30 with Aiden and Brennan for Aiden's last basketball tournament of the year while Andy and the babes stayed home.

At the tournament my sister came to watch so we were there kid-less since Aiden was playing and Bren was off with his buddies playing their tablets.  It was fun getting to catch up with her for 3 hours!  Sadly Aiden's team lost all three of their games.  Aiden gave it his all, ran his tail off and was hustling like a pro and that's all I can ask for - well, that and him having fun which he did.

The last game of the tournament and the season was played against his buddies, the other 5th grade team from our school.  Such a bummer but I think they actually all had fun playing each other!  The parents, on the other hand, did not enjoy it.  It's just not fun watching friends compete against each other.  The gym was pretty quiet through the whole game except for clapping after baskets made or when a kid was subbed out of the game.  It was a fun afternoon of ball but now we move on to soccer in two weeks.

We got home around 4 and stayed home the rest of the night.  We hung out watching TV and playing toys.  Because he knows how much I love it, Brennan grabbed my brush and brushed my hair for my birthday for an hour!  It was pure bliss!  Aiden jumped in for 15 minutes while Bren took his shower and brushed again for 45 minutes Sunday.  So sweet of them!

Sunday morning we picked up the house, had breakfast and headed out to my parent's farm to see the new baby lambs.  Tenley was hesitant but still reached right out to touch the lamb's nose.  No kisses for the babies but she did blow a kiss once to them.

 Tate was much more hesitant than Tenley.  He stood back a few feet until Gramma Jeannie held his hand and walked him up to them.  And then he just pet it a couple times before saying he was done.  :)

Brennan has finally gotten over his fear of the sheep thanks to Aiden's 4H sheep last summer!  Yay!  He walked through the barn no problem and didn't run when the momma's came to the fence.

Aiden is an old pro at this point and asked a lot of questions.  He held the lamb's for Tenley and Tate to see.

After we left the farm we headed to town to stop by Andy's folks' new house. We stayed for about 15 minutes then the kids all got too crazy so time to head out.  Because we didn't go out for supper for my birthday we stopped by my favorite pizza place in town and grabbed a pizza to go.

The rest of Sunday was spent coloring...

building puzzles...

hiding under blankets...

taking naps...

making my birthday cake (a day late because he wasn't feeling good the day before)...

and folding laundry...

We laid low Sunday evening, got showers and baths and went to bed early to prepare for the week ahead.  It was a great birthday weekend and the kids and Andy made me feel special from the minute I woke up Saturday to the minute I went to bed Sunday.  They sang me Happy Birthday a number of times, gave me lots of hugs and kisses, made me my cake and just helped around the house.  I have an amazing squad!

Here's to another week!


  1. Oh my gosh!! How cute are those babies with the lambs!!! And the one with them all on the fence!?!?! Framer for sure!

  2. The Lambs <3

    I love that the boys brushed your hair for your birthday. That was sweet.

    Sorry you didn't get to go out on your birthday. I hope the hubs is feeling better.

  3. I'm so sorry Andy wasn't feeling well on Saturday. Something tells me he'll go all out making it up to you!
    The rest of the weekend sounds like it was nice, smooth, and relaxing. Hair brushing? Oh my gosh, yes, please! I cannot remember the last time someone brushed my hair. I'm totally asking the kids to do that for my birthday!