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The ABC’s Of Me

My good blogging friend, Des, did this last week and I thought it was a great ‘Getting to Know Me’ template, so I’m going to borrow/steal/use it so you can get to know me better!

A - Age: 33.

B - Birthday: February 25th

C - Chore you hate: Cleaning the bathroom and putting the clothes away after folding them are tied. 

D - Drink: If you had asked me a year ago I’d have said Mt Dew, hands down!  Now, Mr. Tater gets an upset tummy when I drink pop so I’m a water drinker 90% of the day. Throw in some choc milk for breakfast and milk for supper.  And if I’m being crazy I’ll have a Pure Leaf Raspberry Tea.  I hate tea but love this stuff! 

E - Eyes: Green

F - Favorite color: Green 

G - Gent: My husband, Andy.


H - Hobby: Gardening, reading, scrapbooking/card making (see my DIY tab above). 

I - Indulgence: watching crappy TV instead of doing s/t productive around here (i.e. Real Housewives, i.e. cleaning) 

J - Job: Housewife (don’t knock it, I’m not PC and I like the title). 

K - Kids: 3 of them, all boys!  Aiden – 7, Brennan – 5, Tate – 2 1/2 months

L - Love: Spending time w/ Andy.  We always have fun no matter what we are doing!  There is always laughter when we’re together. 

M - Music: I am an oldies fan for sure, but also listen to country (Miranda Lambert is my girl!) and pop (do people still call it that? You know, ‘pop’ular music!)

N - Nickname: Andy has quite few for me, but my favorite he calls me is Flower. Growing up my dad called me Runt.  

O - One Wish: I wish I could go on an all expense paid trip to all of the places I want to visit someday: Maine, Bora Bora, England, Ireland, Australia….  

P - Pet peeve: Bad drivers and vague FB updates. Drive like you know how to and if you are ‘brave’ enough to post s/t vague about how awful s/t is then you should be brave enough to just go ahead and say it!  Oh! And when people don’t reply to your emails!!! Grr!!!

Q - Quote: I’m not a quote kind of gal so don’t have one to share.

R - Residence: Iowa! I love it here, and yes it is Heaven! Ha ha! 

S - Siblings: 1! Her name is Nicole, she’s 2 years older than me. 

T - Time you wake up: There is no answer to this.  It’s willy nilly these days, dictated by the boys. 

U - University: Iowa!  GO HAWKS!!! 


V - Vegetables you dislike: Lima beans. Asparagus.  I’m sure there are more but drawing a blank. 

W - Worst Habit: The first one that popped in my head is running my fingers through my hair.  Hello split ends! 

X - X-rays: When I broke my right arm when I was maybe 7 or 8.  And when I was 15 and had a tumor in my hip.  And at dental appointments. 

Y - Yuck: Bugs.  And dirty, greasy, stinky people.  And people who don’t brush their teeth before going to a bank on a Saturday morning to get cash out and breathe all over the teller.  Gross. 

Z - Zoo (favorite animal): I love the aquarium exhibits!  So so cool.  Otherwise, bears.  I like bears.  

If you have any questions you want me to answer about myself so you can get to know me better go right ahead!  I’d be happy to answer them! 


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Have a great day!

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  1. I thought of you last night when YET AGAIN I didn't get any laundry done! Haha! And just so you know, there's light at the end of the tunnel as far as putting the clothes away goes. Just this year (at 12 & 9) I FINALLY had to let go of the perfectly neat drawers and closets and now my kids put their own clothes away. It's a quick chore for them but such a help to me. So the t-shirts aren't perfectly organized by color and Emily's dresses aren't in color order in her closet... but I had to let it go and I'm so glad I did! One day your boys will be old enough to do that too!

  2. I have to keep up on the laundry otherwise our cat will piss on the clean piles. And if that cat wants to live and if I want to keep my sanity, then I just close the laundry room door more often. Out of sight, out of mind! :)

  3. I hate putting away the laundry, too! Ugh.
    Andy's nickname for you is the sweetest!
    Your 'yuck' is hilarious! LOL!

  4. Ugh I hate laundry! Especially my husbands because he has more than us girls combined!

  5. I did this post the other day. It's a fun little post! Also makes me realize all the things we have in common! I think you have the best job title. I'm so very jealous of you! Working on a post right now to get your giveaway out to my readers!

  6. I HATE laundry!!! I have a habit of hanging it and folding it all and leaving it downstairs. Whoops!

  7. I HATE vaguebooking! Either post about it or keep it to yourself!

    I want to win the giveaway!!! :)

  8. Love this post!!! I am with you on the FB stuff. I also dislike people that have to tell every single detail of their life on FB. Do they think we care that they peed 5 minutes ago?

  9. I can't stand vague Facebook updates too!! I just roll my eyes!! And I watch too much crap tv. I'm a reality junkie, I'll admit it!!
    And your yuck, me too!! Esp not brushing teeth!! So effing gross!!

  10. You amd Andy are the cutest ever! And I am sure you have been ticked about my updates lately then!