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I Don’t Wear Orange

If you remember earlier in the week I mentioned that Andy and I had finished Season 6 of ‘Mad Men’ on Netflix and were looking for a new series to watch.  Monday night we started “Orange is the New Black”. 

The story of Piper Chapman, a woman in her thirties who is sentenced to fifteen months in prison after being convicted of a decade-old crime of transporting money for her drug-dealing girlfriend.

Have I ever mentioned that being wrongfully accused and convicted of a crime and going to prison is one of my biggest fears?  I mean, it *could* happen, right?  Just thinking about it makes me start to breathe a little faster.  So so scary!

Watching “Orange is the New Black” is like watching my biggest fear come to life.  Holy cow, the first episode I actually cried.  The description doesn’t say how she turns heterosexual (or maybe she’s bi?) and is engaged to be married (to Jason Bigg’s character).  She has a surrender date so they go to the prison together on the day she’s scheduled to start her sentence.  They have to say goodbye and oh boy was that hard to watch!  Tears were streaming, down my face and theirs.  Ugh, it was brutal.  And that was all before she went into Hell.  After episode 1 was over I told Andy I didn’t think I could watch anymore. 

Tuesday night I decided I could try watching another episode.  We ended up taking on 2 episodes that night.  We went to bed right after the second one was over and I had nightmares the rest of the night!  Every time I’d wake up I’d immediately think of that show and what I’d seen.  It was haunting me! 

Wednesday night we (meaning ‘I’) decided we needed a night off from the show.  It was just freaking me out way too much!  And I made an executive decision that we will only watch 1 episode per night and then find something completely different and happy to watch after it so that is what’s fresh in my mind when I fall asleep, not prison, a.k.a HELL. 

I when I was looking up the description for the show I saw that Season 2 is set to come out on Netflix June 6th.  Heaven help me. 

Andy is super sweet about it, he said we can just stop watching it since it’s freaking me out so much.  But a tiny part of me wants to see what happens, how it all turns out.  Wish me luck!

I will not be blogging on Monday because Miss Tia is going to be getting me all set up with my NEW blog design!  Come back Tuesday, you won’t want to miss the grand unveiling!!!  She did such an awesome job!  If you are looking to update your blog design you MUST check out Tia!

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What are you Easter plans? Have you watched ‘Orange’?  What is your biggest fear?

Happy Easter to all! See you back here Tuesday!!!



  1. Omg I love this show! I think I watched season 1 in like 2 days. I love how they explain all the characters stories. Keep watching... Piper isn't all that innocent. I mean she did commit a crime!

  2. I haven't gotten into that show yet. My husband can't watch scary movies of any kind otherwise he will end up screaming in his sleep, which is super fun for me.

  3. EEEEeeeeekkkkk can't wait to see your new blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I haven't watched the show, but I read the book a few years ago. I have a thing about prisons.... Weird, I know. I feel like I need to get Netflix, so I can watch it!