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My Life These Days

These days my life is all about baby, baby, baby.  I eat, sleep and breathe Tate.  Everything else in my life seems to be suffering because of this.  No, I am not neglecting my ‘big boys’, I am still being a mom to them, too.  And I am trying SO hard not to neglect my husband, but having a baby attached to you most of the day doesn’t lend itself to cuddling time on the couch these days.  As soon as Tate goes down for the night (usually between 8 and 9) so do I because that first feeding, no matter how many hours later, always comes so fast. 

What is getting neglected is my house.  I am embarrassed to show these pictures but I think it is necessary in telling my story. Here goes.

My living room (and Tater Bug, ha ha!)  (Looks like there’s a naked guy on my TV, too. Whoops! You caught me watching Real World!) So, as you can see, there is crap EVERYWHERE!  This is about 3:00 on Wednesday afternoon.  At this point in the day I had done nothing but my measly 22 minutes of exercise and a shower that morning.  Otherwise I had spent all of my time with Tate and had gone to meet Andy for lunch. I did absolutely NO cleaning.


A different angle of my living room. That is a basket of folded laundry still sitting there from Tuesday.  I’d never mustered up the energy to put those away.


This is the dining room looking into the kitchen.  There are breakfast cups on the table that the boys hadn’t put away that morning (and neither did I).  There is stain and a hammer on the kitchen counter that Andy left there from the night before.  There are dirty dishes on the counter.  There is mail on the counter.


This is looking down the hallway into my bedroom. No, that is not a teenager’s bedroom, that is mine!  I have not put away that basket of folded laundry yet either!  And I have thrown some dirty clothes on the floor in front of my dresser. What. A. Mess.


So as you can see, I am failing!  Not in everything, but for sure in keeping our house cleaned up.  If you call to say you’ll be here in 20 minutes I can guarantee you I’ll have it all cleaned up, no problem.  But without that motivation and adrenaline rush?  Nope, it’s just a pit around here.  Once I can get Tate settled into a routine (someday?!?) this will all change and go back to being a cleaned up home.  Until then, call before you stop by!



  1. That's the life of a newborn mom, don't beat yourself up over it! I know I've already told you this but I read something recently and it made so much sense (to me, at least) about stay at home moms... your "job" is to be a mom. It isn't to clean or cook or put away laundry... your job is to be a mom to those boys. I know since you're home you'd love to get the rest of that stuff accomplished too but so long as those boys are cared for, and of course they are, you're doing your job! Keep up the good work mama!

  2. This is how my place looks all the time. Not even kidding and I live alone. I should probably send you pictures of my house. I think you're doing a fantastic job. :)

  3. Mines the same way!!! Baby and big kid snuggles are well worth the mess!! I find it so much harder now that Zane's gone to take care of the kids and clean, therefore mine looks way worse!!

  4. I love you :) Is it wrong that my house looks way worse and I don't have a newborn? Don't be hard on yourself. Love that baby, because it goes too fast. I love the ages we are at with the kids at home, but I miss babies!!! (and no I am not having anymore)

  5. This is why I heart you. I can send you pics of my house that will make you feel justified as well! Ha! Babies don't keep and you LIVE and LOVD in your house. Who cares if it's clean?

  6. Way to keep it real!! Our house looked like this the entire time I was on maternity leave and hell it still gets like this from time to time. Our babes need us - who cares what our house looks like. I tell everyone to just excuse the messy house I have a baby that needs all of my energy!!

  7. That's not a mess, that's a house that is lived in.

  8. Erin, it's fine!! Give yourself a break! You have three kids, one being a new baby!!! Your house looks great. Lived in, and well loved!

  9. Totally doesn't matter. Before Lukas, I had to have everything together all the time. Now there is crap EVERYWHERE. But you know what, we are having fun. We are together. So our house is spotless but these time go by so quickly. We must enjoy these moments.