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Tate At Two Months



Tater Tot, you sweet little boy, you are two months old today!  I can hardly believe you have been with us for 2 months already, although it seems like you’ve always been here with us, a part of our family. 

Yesterday you had your 2 month check up.  You went in there sleeping soundly, woke up while Dr. Amanda was checking you and were super happy.  You gave Mommy lots of big smiles and were talking to me quite a bit.  Then the nurses came in to give you your shots.  Oh you poor thing!  The scream you let out was shrill and high pitched, like nothing I’ve ever heard before.  I never cried with your brothers when they got their immunizations, but you, Tater Bug, you I cried with!  After the nurses left the room we sat together and you nursed, which settled you down and you fell fast asleep. 

You slept all afternoon after that, you were so tuckered out by those big, bad, mean shots!  When you woke up from your nap you laid on the floor looking around and talking, then out of nowhere the crying started.  You cried and cried and cried all evening long!  You didn’t want to nurse, you didn’t want to cuddle.  We tried everything we could to calm you down but you just wanted to cry.  You would fall asleep but not for long.  It was never very restful.  Oh you broke my heart, Tate!  I hope your 4 month immunizations don’t affect you this bad.

Length: 25 1/4”   Weight: 16lbs,12oz


At Two Months you like:

  • your baths – you lay in the tub and look around and are super calm.  We have some of our best ‘conversations’ in there!
  • your big brothers – you are really noticing them now and like to follow them with your eyes
  • MOMMY! – you and I are best buddies for sure!  2 weeks ago I thought you were starting to prefer to be put down when you were fussy and that our snuggling days were over.  Then you changed your mind and now we’re back to snuggling again!  You love burying your little face in my neck.
  • tons of smooches from Mommy – we sit together on the couch and I just kiss and kiss your chubby little cheeks to my hearts content while you stare at our family picture that’s hanging on the wall (another of your ‘likes’).  Then, when I’m in the middle of kissing your cheeks, you turn your head towards me and give me a kiss back!  You put your sweet little opened lips on my cheek and press in to my cheek.  Sigh!  You sure know how to make me feel special!
  • swinging in your swing.  Sometimes you swing in it with your eyes open, looking at the pictures on the wall. Sometimes it puts you to sleep and you snore softly. 

At Two Months you:

  • cluster feed every evening before bedtime.  You start about 5:00 and want to nurse every 45 minutes to an hour.  You do this all evening until you go to bed, usually between 8:30 and 10. 
  • sleep for 7 hour stretches!  Mommy really likes this!
  • are trying to roll over – well, sort of!  You lay on your back and cock your head back as far as you can go, so your little body is in a backwards ‘C’ shape.  You get your chubby little arm over your chest and if you’d just throw your chubby little leg over I bet you’d roll over to your tummy!  You aren’t really trying to roll over, you are trying to look at something waaaayyyy back there and it just so happens to look like you are about to roll over.
  • don’t mind tummy time, but 3 to 4 minutes is plenty long enough for you!
  • grab my hair with both fists and use it to pull yourself closer to me.
  • smile quite a bit when you have just woken up from a good, long sleep
  • coo some.  You coo to your angels when you are laying on the floor, you coo to me and Daddy when we talk to you. 
  • don’t really have a schedule,which is fine with me, but you seem to wake up between 6 and 7 in the morning, nurse, then hang out with me and the boys until we take them to school.  After that it’s time to feed you again!  You might doze for a short while then you’re up again.  You take 2 really good naps most days, usually midday and again later afternoon.  You take about an hour nap in the evenings, too.  None of this can be counted on at this point but you have established this ‘routine’ all by yourself.

At Two Months you don’t like:

  • your pacifier that much.  You’ll take it but sometimes very begrudgingly. 
  • to be buckled into your car seat.
  • a bottle.  We are working on this, and you are doing a little better with it, but mostly you just prefer to nurse, and I am okay with this.  I love that you prefer to be with me over a bottle!
  • getting shots, although we’ve already established that!

Tate, you are such a joy in my life!  Some days I hold you and just cry about how lucky I am to have you all for my own.  Your funny faces and noises make me laugh every single day.  I sit and hold you much more than I ever did your brothers, and if that makes you spoiled later I’m okay with that.  I want you to stay my baby as long as possible.  If I could freeze time to where we are right now I would in a heartbeat.  You mean more to me than I can express with words. 

Thank you for letting me kiss and munch on those sweet cheekers of yours.  Thank you for letting me squeeze those chubby thighs and arms of yours.  Thank you for letting me be your one and only, if only for a few years. 

I love you, Sweet Tater Pie!


All my heart,



  1. What a cutie pie and a big boy! My 2 month old is only about 11lbs, but she had some weight gain issues at the beginning and the breastfeeding didn't go so well at first. Seeing them start to notice faces and things on the walls is so neat! Our little one seems to really like lights and the ceiling fan at the sitters house.

  2. Oh my poor Tater Bug!!! I wish I could come and kiss his little cheekies and pink those chunk-a-monk thighs!!

  3. Tate the Great! Shots are never any fun, even when you get older.

  4. He is just perfect Erin! He couldn't be any cuter!!!

  5. Poor little guy. The two month shots seem to be THE worst! Marcus was the same way the night after those pesky 2 month shots. It was so bad I made Scott take off work for the 4 month shots. And, wouldn't you know it, he was totally fine right after the shots were done with.
    Happy 2 Months sweet little boy!

  6. He really is just a perfect guy! So cute, great sleeper, great eater!! Way to go Tate! So sad with the shots though!!

  7. OH!! I just want to eat him up. He is so dang cute. I love our baby boys!!!! I hope he is feeling better after shots. Graycie had her's on Monday.