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So What Wednesday

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Today I’m saying So What if…

~ poor Brennan is taking crappy chocolate chip cookies today for his birthday treats.  I had every intention of making him cupcakes, then I made the mistake of asking him “what about chocolate chip cookie bars?”  So then he wanted those.  I made them last night and overcooked them, they were way too hard to take today. So this morning I hurried up and whipped out a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Well, those seemed to be a bit too hard, too.  But I sent them anyway.  Poor kid.  What kid wants to take hard cookies to school for their birthday treats?  We need a do-over.  I just feel terrible about it.  I hope he doesn’t feel slighted.  I did send a bag of M&M’s with them so at least the kids get something good.

~ I’m crabby at the weather lady because every 30 minutes she reminds me that this sleep-deprived mom to a newborn is going to lose an hour of sleep this weekend because of daylight savings time.  Bitch.

~ today is the start of Lent and yet again this year I am not giving up anything.  I really don’t think God gives a rats about me giving up pop or Facebook or really anything else.  Like giving that up is bringing me closer to God?  Sorry to those of you who do give up something, not trying to insult you, just how I feel about it.

~ I have decided that something has to give this weekend so I am calling a local grocery store bakery to make Brennan’s 5th birthday cake.  I just can’t fit it in.  It’s hard to admit that and give the cake making up but it has already helped reduce some of the stress about this weekend so I’m going with it.


Update on Aiden’s rash:  He has a bacterial infection, they are treating it with an antibiotic and ointment.  The redness was already gone from it this morning which made it look much better.  The dr. has no idea where or how he got it, could be a number of things.  10 days from now it should be gone. 

Have a great Wednesday!



  1. Bahahahahahaha - damn weather bitch!!! Let's get her ass!!!

    Don't feel bad about the cookies - kids will eat anything!! I am sure they will think they are delicious!!
    So glad A is on the road to recovery!!!

  2. Oh crap... I didn't even know it was Daylight Savings. Great....

    And thank you!! I don't give up anything either. I don't think it is going to hurt my chances into getting into heaven...

  3. I'm cracking up about the chocolate cookie fiasco. The kids won't care! It will be a treat regardless!

  4. I'm so glad you can have someone else make the cake and cut down on some stress... all these things that we feel like we must do put so much stress on us but in the end it doesn't matter... what matters is spending a great day with your boy and celebrating his 5 years!

    And the cookies... I know that guilt that you're feeling and it's terrible... but I'm sure the kids loved them! I bet there are lots of kids whose parents don't send anything in who would feel so proud to give the class a treat like that... so give yourself some credit! :)

  5. Thank goodness his rash is getting better, poor guy!!
    And hurray for you for even trying to bake more cookis this morning! I would have left early to,hit up the bakery! Lol!! The m&ms will make up for it!!
    And I totally feel the same way about lent!!

  6. Day Light Savings is such joy-kill. I am a big fan of sleep, and hate losing an hour. GAH!
    As for Lent - I've given up on giving things up. I seriously try to add things to my life, like more meaningful prayer time with Scott, and carving out time to volunteer. I think God appreciates that more than if I don't log on to FB.

  7. Yay for getting a store bought cake!!! I am pretty sure he will love it! You have got to give yourself a break, friend. You have a newborn. Have a great Thursday!!!

  8. Oh daylight savings time. Ugh. No.....

    I just had the same conversation with Adam last night about Lent. I'm glad someone else feels the way I do!

    I am sure Brennan still had a good day, hard cookies or not!