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It’s Wednesday

Hey!  This week’s truckin’ right along, thank goodness!  Our high school boy’s basketball team made it to the state playoffs, and because we have such a small school and so many students, teachers and families would go to the game in Des Moines they cancelled school for Monday, their first game. They won and play again tomorrow during the day, so school is cancelled again.  We aren’t going (and didn’t go Monday, I think we were the only people left in town) which means I have the older boys here with me all day.  This doesn’t seem like a big deal except that Aiden and I have been butting heads lately.  It makes being together for an entire day without Dad being here to jump in and take some of the pressure off very difficult on me.  So, that is why I’m happy this week is zipping on by, I can get through these no-school days quicker.

Today it is just me and Tate here.  Well, me, Tate, my mom, my aunt and 3 of my friends.  I am having visitors today!  This morning my mom and aunt came over to just hang out.  My dad went with a friend this morning to the sale barn so my mom was free and alone for the first time since January 4th when Dad had his accident. So she came over to hang out with me and Tate.  I called up  my aunt and invited her over to hang out, too. That was fun!  And my 3 friends from our old town are bringing down lunch and hanging out with me and Tate this afternoon.  I’m so super excited to see them!  I love these 3, they are so much fun and so good to me.  Plus I need some gossip-time! 

Tate is going backwards in his length of sleep.  The first week we were home he went 5 hour stretches at night. That slid back to 4 hour stretches, still pretty good.  And now, last night, it was every 3 hours, or just under 3 hours, between feedings.  That about killed me.  It’s so frustrating!  I just want to sleep through the night!  It’s been 4 months at least since I’ve had a full night of sleep.  I just don’t get why Tate’s going backwards, instead of lengthening the amount of time he sleeps at night.  I am so tempted to start giving him a bottle of formula before bed at night.  My  head tells me that would help him sleep longer at night but my heart says don’t do it, it’ll mess everything up.  What do you think? Any advice?  I know not to compare formula fed babies sleep patterns with a breastfed baby’s sleep pattern.  Could it be a growth spurt?  Is that why he’s eating more frequently?  Should I call his pediatrician for advice?  I know, this is my 3rd baby, I should know but I just don’t.  I will look back on this later and figure it out but for now, when I’m in the thick of it I’m just too frustrated and tired to know what the problem is. 



  1. Sorry, I have no advice for you. Maybe he is just growing?

    I would love to live in a small town. I think it sounds so fun. I love the idea of the entire town going to a basketball game. So fun!

    Enjoy your visitors!

  2. I'm guessing a growth spurt!
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to hear that your dad is out and about! Praise the Lord.
    Your town sounds a lot like mine - anytime the basketball teams made it to state school was always cancelled. And, as I student I LOVED riding the rally buses to Des Moines. So many good memories built around Vets Auditorium!

  3. I wish I had advice. Hope he gets to sleeping for you!
    Yay for gossip time :)

  4. Sounds like a growth spurt to me. As a bottle fed baby, I fill mine up before bed time but I know it's different. Can you pump and freeze some milk to give him a good bottle before bed time? I don't know these things.

  5. Oh no, more school days missed? Good job for the basketball team, but it sucks missing so many days!
    It sounds like a growth spurt for likely Tate. If it was me, I'd suffer through it and not do the formula. But, if it's really wearing you down, try it one or two nights to see if that helps. If it does, then stick with it!! Us mamas need our sleep to be able to function during the day without tearing the kids apart! Good luck my friend!