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Signs of Spring

We had a great weekend  weather-wise here in the Midwest!  Highs in the upper 50’s and 60’s, sunshine!  It was so great, we were outside as much as possible both days.

Sunday was rather windy so we tried to get some of the flower beds cleaned out and raked on Saturday. 

Before, although not too terrible:IMG_0661

Some new growth I found after raking off the leaves:


We also worked on trimming the berry bushes back and I planted some more strawberry plants to beef up my bed.  I washed the outsides of the windows with my handy squeegee. I love that thing, makes doing windows so quick, easy and FUN!  Yes, I am for hire, ha!

Friday the boys didn’t have school, uh-gain!  We took advantage of the cruddy weather that day and stayed in dying Easter eggs.  They had fun and it kept them busy and quiet for about 20 minutes, score!


Today I had my post-natal check up.  Everything’s good and I’m free to resume normal activity.  I guess that means no more excuses on the exercising front.  Well, none except trying to find time in between caring for a newborn.  (Can I still call him that? Please?)  I am going to have to either start getting up really early or waiting until Andy’s home to take care of Tate while I go to the basement and hit up the treadmill and JM DVD’s.  I’m having a hard time finding the energy to exercise but am guessing that once I get started that will help with the energy part.  My sister has asked me to run a 5k with her end of May, that’s only 2 months time to get my body (and mind) ready.  I CAN do it, but will I?  Only time will tell.  I have officially lost 40lbs since having Tate.  29 of that was pregnancy weight, the rest was ‘me’ weight.  I’ve dropped a pant size and can wear 2 pair of jeans that are a size smaller than that (but they are stretchier, which makes a difference).  So that feels pretty good, which should be helpful in the motivation front.

My little Tater Bug has started fussing when I hold him for too long but then calms down and relaxes once I lay him down on the floor to look around and stretch out.  OUCH!  This breaks my heart.  I just want to snuggle and cuddle with him all the time but I guess I am already smothering him.  Sad face.  Only 7 weeks old and no longer wants his mommy.  Boo hoo!!!!!

Have a great Monday!



  1. I am so impressed that you cleaned out a flower bed and washed windows and have a newborn!!! I don't have a newborn and I can think of 10,000 excuses not to do any form of yard work. Also, I am so impressed with your weight loss. Go Erin!!!

  2. Wow...40 pounds. Thats amazing, you must be doing really good on eating. I'm sure you will be ready for that 5k.

  3. Holy smokes, you're losing your pregnancy weight SO fast! Way to go, momma! As for the 5k, you can totally do that by May! I'll be your long distance cheerleader. :)
    And, I'm impressed how on top of the ball you are with your Easter egg decorating.

  4. I am so jealous of your gardening abilities. I wish we lived closer so I could come still some of your goodies. Your boys are so handsome!!! And you, you!!! Way to go girl! You are a rock star mama!

  5. Way to go on 40 pounds!! Hopefully it's just a phase with Tate, I'm sure he still wants his mommy! :)

  6. A) the name tater bug is just too adorable. B) three boys? I would have loved that in another life... oh well. C) new follower and #99 I believe! D) hope you'll link up the boys' easter baskets with the annual basket blog hop coming in a coupe weeks! :)

  7. So exciting on the 40 pounds!! Way to go!
    I love those big stepping stones in your garden! We need some of those this year.
    And Tate!! What are you doing to your mommy!!