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Hot Topic Tuesday

The missing jet:

What do you think happened to it?  It’s just crazy to me how in this day and age a giant airplane can just vanish into thin air!  That there is a place that a jet goes off radar is unbelievable to me.  I have prayed many times a day for the passengers on that plane, whatever happened must have been so scary for all of them.  I wonder how long it will take (years?) until they figure out this mystery.

Dancing With The Stars:

My predictions are that Danica McKeller, Meryl Davis, Charlie White, Cody Simpson (who?) and Candace Cameron Bure will go far.  The guy from Star Wars is out in the first week or 2.  Drew Carey and Diana Nyad can’t compete with the ‘good ones’ so they’ll be out shortly, same with Nene Leakes.  That’s just my opinion.  I haven’t watched DWTS for a few seasons, not sure how far I’ll stick it out this season either.

Lindsay Lohan:

Why or why did they give that girl her own show?  She is still so fragile, she just needs to focus on living a normal life, not one in the public eye.  Poor girl.

The Blade Runner:

Oh this poor guy.  I don’t want to believe that he killed his girlfriend, Reeva.  Is it because he’s a good looking guy?  Maybe.  He just doesn’t look guilty to me. He’s stuck with his story the whole time, he is getting physically sick when they are showing pictures of Reeve dead in his bathroom, he looks very distraught like he didn’t do it.  I know, none of this means he’s innocent – I’d be terrible on a jury, I’m all about looks and how I feel more than what the prosecutor says.

What is your opinion on these Hot Topics?

Have a great Tuesday!



  1. I just read this article about the missing plane and it's fascinating... maybe we're searching too hard for answers when it could be quite simple...

  2. I'm fascinated by this plane ordeal as well. I check into the news several times a day to see if there are any updates. I started watching DWTS last night too! I haven't watched for a long time but I like the people on it this season. Stick it out so we can talk about it! I picked it up because I thought I could watch it while feeding Adley in the wee hours of the night :)

  3. My baby is 12 weeks today - that is my hot topic!! How in the HELL did this happen?!

    On a more serious note (as the above isn't serious enough) this missing plane - WTH?! How does this even happen?!

    WHAT Crazy Lohan got her own show?!

    I totally think Bladerunner did it!!!

  4. - Aliens totally took the plane.
    - I don't watch it so no comment here
    - Good lord, she just needs to be left alone
    - I don't want to believe he did it either, however how do you just randomly shoot an "intruder" without checking to see if it is actually an intruder.

  5. The whole missing jet thing and freaks me out. For as often as we fly I've never been a fan. This just reaffirms that all my crazy fears are totally legit.
    Lindsey has a show? I'm betting it doesn't last too long. She needs time, not tv, to finish fixing her up.

  6. The plane ordeal just completely gets me. I don't get it at all. Where did it go!?!?!

    The Blade runner....I think he did it. But I haven't been following too closely.

  7. That plane missing is SO strange!! You'd think it would have been on some radar, somewhere. Or that with all the elctronics and safety things on planes, it would be sending out some kind of signal!
    I haven't watched dancing with the starts, but skinny Drew Carey creeps me out!
    I missed Lindsay Lohan having her own show! Is it a reality thing?
    I feel the same way as you about the blade runner. I wish somehow we could find out the truth! I dont think he meant it at all! Like he is saying, it was a mistake! South Africa is a very scary place, I'd sleep with a gun too! And, unfortunately, that's when accidents happen.

  8. I'm a little behind on catching up on blogs and I'm struggling to stay a float when it comes to the news and media.
    ~While I would like to hope that flight 370 is safe and sound somewhere, I just don't think after 2 weeks that anything good will come from it :(
    ~I don't follow Dancing With The Stars - So I don't have any input on that.
    ~Lindsay is just CRAZY
    ~ I have mixed feelings on the blade runner. I don't know that I've seen enough to say. This morning they were talking about him selling his home to pay his attorney the hefty fee of $5,000 a day. Maybe they wouldn't let him sell the house before now but if I were him (guilty or not), I wouldn't be able to live there.