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Happy Tuesday! 

Dynamite tucked himself into the Christmas tree this morning.  It took the boys awhile to find him because he was so hidden.  He looks pretty cute tucked away in there!


The boys didn’t have school yesterday, it was a teacher’s comp day, so we ran to town for errands in the morning then came home and watched a movie and had lunch.  In the afternoon we made some Christmas goodies then went downstairs to wrap some presents.  I have all the presents wrapped but 2 for my dad (might trick him by wrapping them up in the TV box, but am still trying to decide if I want to waste that much wrap just to be funny).  The only thing is I didn’t pretty any of them up this year.  Not even the old stick on bows!  I just didn’t have any decorating mojo this year.  So they are wrapped with a name tag on them and that’s it.  Pretty boring, I know.  I figure this year I get a pass, though, right?

Got my 2014 calendar yesterday and spent some time filling it out. Does anyone else look forward to doing this every year? I love getting that blank calendar and writing in some special dates, it looks so pretty.  By the middle of each month it gets all covered with details and appointments and is a big ol’ mess.  It’s also sad to me to fill out the new calendar because I know we are done with yet another year.  So great to be here to start a new year but the new years always make me a little melancholy.  Something about change and growing older I guess. 


So my glucose test from last week came back elevated.  Womp womp.  I have to go back for the 3 hour test.  I couldn’t make it work this week, it’s kind of a crazy, unusual week, so I’m going in at 7 a.m. Monday before my 11:00 OB appt.  I’m not bummed out just annoyed at this point.  Trying not to think of getting my blood drawn 4 TIMES that morning!  Ick.  As usual, I will keep you posted on how that goes.

This or That Link Up

Today I’m joining in with Jodi and the girls for the This or That linkup.  Today’s theme is “Make A House A Home”

Screened in porch, wrap around deck?

If we’re talking about a big ol’ farm house, for sure a wrap around porch!  With a swing!

Big luxurious bathtub, huge walk in closet?

Huge walk in closet, because I don’t take baths often enough to make it worthwhile.  Not saying I wouldn’t put one in if I ever build a new house!

Kitchen with an island, kitchen with a breakfast bar?

Island with a breakfast bar!  My dream kitchen has a HUGE island where one side bumps up and can be sat at as a breakfast area (or homework, or buffet, or whatever)

This one would work just fine!

Big front yard, big back yard?

Big back yard for the boys to play in and us to have privacy in.

Bountiful garden, nearby grocery store?

Bountiful garden.


Have a great Tuesday!



  1. Oh no!!! Sending you good vibes for a good three hour test!

  2. Boo. 3 hour test. I have not had children but I have had to take that test. Take lots of your fun little baking magazines or Ladies Home Journal or whatever it is you read!!! I went through a few when I did mine. I have a bag full of magazines for my hospital stay! And books.

    I love love love filling out calendars. I probably get 2 a year. Half way through the year I decide to switch it up!

  3. Ahhh I hate the 3 hr test!!!
    I love filling out my calendar/planner! I wish I could afford those fancy ones on etsy. Love.

    I wish I had a bountiful garden!!! That would be so nice. Maybe when the kids get older and I have more time :)

  4. I'm with you on the calender! I love new calender's, even though I usually lose them (who does that?!). That is a dream kitchen! Hope you're feel great!

  5. Ugh, sorry to hear you have to go back for the three hour test. On the bright side, it should give you some time to read some!
    Scott and I often "race" to fill out the calendar. I think my handwriting is better, but he thinks he adds more events to the calendar.
    I loved the Q&A today. I just want my OWN house!! :)

  6. I love that kitchen!! Maybe one day we will have the exact same one! Lol!!

  7. Oh no!!! So sorry about the 3 hour glucose!!! I had to do that test twice!!! I never had gestational diabetes, but I did have to be more careful and watch my sugar intake. I met with the dietician to go over my nutrition the Tuesday before Thanksgiving!!! Can you believe that!!! Talk about changing what I ate at that year. Just make sure you take some magazines or a book to help the time go by faster!!!