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So What Wednesday … Maternity Style

I’m so so SO happy it’s Wednesday, December 4th!  I have a hair appointment this morning, and man did I need it!!  My hair grows fast normally, but throw in prenatal vitamins and pregnancy and holy smokes, regrowth!  I’m thinking of adding some red/warm browns in and getting the blonde hi-lights out –eek! Can’t wait!  I’ll try to remember to have my stylist take a pic from the back so you can see it.

Life After I Dew

This week I’m dedicating my “So What’s” to all maternity things.  YES, I still love being pregnant, BUT I’m 29 1/2 weeks preggers and am hitting the point of finding things that are … annoying about being pregnant still.  I am not complaining, just pointing some things out.

So what if…

    • I’m hormonal, which translates into bitchy and not going to take anyone’s crap.  Don’t cross me, I’ll bite your head off, chew it up and spit back out at you.  You’ve been warned.
    • I’m tired of wearing pants that don’t stay up.  With every step I take they slide down a little further, then I have to hitch them back up again.  And if my pants are creeping down, you know darn well my panties are too.  Ugh.
    • I’ve resorted to letting Brennan put my socks on for me
    • I let, no, BEG Andy to help me take my shoes off.  It’s just easier that way.
    • Monday I was trying to tie my shoes by bending over at the waist (what waist?) and about passed out from cutting off my oxygen so had to hike my foot up to Andy’s thigh so he could finish tying it for me … all in front of my in-laws
    • I’ve booted that damn body pillow out of bed and am comfortably sleeping on my stomach (sort of) and finally sleeping clear through the night again. Ahhh, heaven!
    • I’m already terrified of how HUGE my boobs will look without my big belly to balance it out once the baby is born
    • I’m also worried about finding a nursing sling to put these giant mama’s in once baby is here.  That puppy is going to be expensive!  GIANT BOOBS I tell you!
    • I can’t carry on a chatty conversation anymore because I get so out of breath – just from talking!  Baby is high. 
    • I feel so big already that I think I’ll not leave the house starting in January because I feel a bit embarrassed about it.  I know there isn’t anything I can do about how big the baby and my belly are but I still feel a little/lot self-conscious about walking around with this big belly.  I always get the “How much longer do you have?” question followed by the look of shock when I tell them not till February 16th.  A simple “that will go by fast” is sufficient.  Keep your dirty looks and rude comments to yourself until I walk away out of earshot. 

Well, I could go on and on, but I’ll stop there.  I still love being pregnant, just some of the nuances are getting old.  I keep telling myself “Only 10 more weeks, only 10 more weeks”.  And those 10 weeks will go fast, and then I’ll miss being pregnant.  But oh to hold this sweet little baby!  To smell it’s sweet little head.  To kiss it’s sweet little cheeks.  To sit and snuggle it’s sweet little self.  Only 10 more weeks.

Love to all,



  1. Ugh! I hate it when people are like, "Oh, how much longer?" And then their face immediate changes when you tell them anything other than one week. It's makes me want to say, "Um, do you call everyone fat? Or just the pregnant ladies?" When I was about 32 weeks, I had one lady at a store go, "Oh honey..." all sympathetic like and her face looked tortured. Um, hello, you're not helping. You're just making me feel huge.

    Haha. Um, end rant! Can you tell that bothers me too?

  2. 10 weeks!?!? It's gone by so quickly!!! I just love you to pieces. I love how you keep it real. Happy thoughts coming your way!

  3. I was pretty big during my first pregnancy because I swelled a lot so people were always amazed but how much time I had left. At six months, one lady said she didn't know how much bigger I could possibly get and just knew there were twins in there (there weren't). I was smaller for my second pregnancy but people still made comments on how I was going to have a big baby. So annoying!!!

  4. Freaking people. Why are they so rude? I was as big as a house with both kids, so I got rude comments constantly. One of my favorites was when I would eat something, and someone would say "Are you sure you don't have that diabetes you can get when you are pregnant"? Yep... pretty sure I don't, but thanks for your concerns :)

    Just think 10 weeks and that little baby is going to be in your arms!!

  5. I love that this post is so our conversation from yesterday!! AMEN to all of those annoyances just add elephant feet/legs and it's complete for me. Travis stacked 8, yes 8, pillows in bed for me last night so it was like I was in the recliner only more comfortable and I slept until 4:30 this am!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear I heard angels sing!!!!! Next time just donkey kick the rude asses!!!


  6. If I ever get pregnant and someone says something stupid to me like that I'm going to smack the shit out of them. I don't know how people who are pregnant don't. Especially if they touched my stomach. Like GET AWAY YOU WEIRDOS.

    I feel like your pregnancy has gone by so quickly. The baby will be here before you know it!

  7. Only 10 more weeks momma - it really will go fast!
    You have to go out and show off that bump, it's too precious to keep to yourself! :)

  8. I think you look gorgeous!! And so not big!! People are terrible, and need I realize that one comment can make or break your day!!
    I'm glad you're finally getting better sleeps, but it sucks about the shoes!! It will all be done with soon enough though!! You're almost there!!