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December 19, 2013

Hey there!  That bittersweet feeling has set in for the end of the year.  The Today Show started doing their year end video montages this week and it is all I can do to watch them!  This morning’s was the Year In Review, which includes the ‘In Memoriam’ segment.  Ugh, bawled like a baby!  That gets me every year!  Do any of you get sappy about those things?  And it always shocks me how many major news stories we lived through in a year.

Dynamite’s been having fun around here the last 3 nights.  Reading his favorite book to some friends, playing ‘Sorry’ with his buddies the 3 Wise Men (was that too irreverent?? I was worried about that when I set it up but Andy told me I wouldn’t go to Hell, we’ll see), and he saw the boys getting their Christmas haircuts last night so thought he needed one too.


Our plan today is to finish up the teacher’s Christmas gifts for tomorrow’s big gift exchange at school, and still waiting on the washing machine repair guy – he had to cancel yesterday so is coming SOMETIME today.  No time range because they are squeezing us in today since they had to cancel yesterday.  So, will it be morning? Afternoon? Who knows! 

Only 3 days till Andy’s birthday (and my dear friend, Shelli’s!!!)!!! I can hardly wait!  And after that only 2 more days till Christmas Eve!  So exciting!

Have a great day!



  1. I always get anxious around NYE. The old year ending and the new year starting. I get over it immediately but right before it I'm all anxious.

  2. I LOVE the Today show recaps! The In Memoriam montage had me, too.
    It's amazing what happens in one short year.

  3. This year seems to have FLOWN by! It is sad!!
    I hope that repair guy has come already!!

  4. I am always teary this time of year! It was worse the years I was pregnant!