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32 Week Bumpdate And Misc..

20131223_133642Hey there!  We had our 32 week appointment and our ultrasound this morning, thought I’d share with you all about that. 

First of all, the main reason for the US was to determine the approx. weight.  At 32 weeks a baby typically weighs about 4lbs.  Our little tiddler weighs approx. 5lbs!  Wowser!  It is in the 88th percentile, which is still considered in the normal range, but definitely a chubby baby.  According to the US I am about 3 weeks ahead of schedule size-wise, and when the dr. measured me after the US I was measuring 3 weeks ahead on that, too.  So a little better than 2 weeks ago but still big.

The really neat thing about this US was that is was so far along in my pregnancy, not something I’ve had before!  So we could see all kinds of cool things.  For instance, we could see the baby practicing breathing!  It’s little chest was going up and down, up and down! So neat.  When the tech (my cousin, Meliah!) took a look at it from the top of it’s head down it’s back we could see HAIR at the nape of it’s neck!  How crazy is that?!?  (Explains the heartburn, right? Ha!)  We could see that Little One has chubby cheeks (all the better to kiss him/her with!).  And we could see what looked like GINORMOUS feet!  Seriously, she measured the foot and it was about 7cm long already (2 3/4” long!).  We could see it try to put it’s hand in it’s mouth, so sweet.  It was just so exciting!  And no, we didn’t cave and find out the gender. Sorry!  Sounds like we’ll have one more US around 38 weeks to make sure a c-section isn’t in order.  So my job is to continue watching what I’m eating and to do a better job at the breakfast part (my levels have been in the 140’s for breakfast the last few days, supposed to be under 140). 

My 32 Week Stats.

Baby:  Roughly 16.5” long, and about 5lbs (according to US).  Baby moves quite a bit still, a lot more at night than in the morning and daytime.  Lots of feet pushing out, which in turn pushes the butt out the other side.  Always moves when Daddy starts to play with it, which is handy when I’m worried that I haven’t felt it move in awhile. I love that they have a connection already.

Symptoms:  Lots of weird aches and pains that I didn’t experience with the boys. My pelvic bone hurts quite a bit for a day or two after walking hard, like yesterday when we walked to the basketball game and were trying to go fast because it was so cold out.  I’m definitely tired a lot more these days and can barely stay up past 9 p.m.  I usually get up at least once in the night to use the bathroom, and in the past week that means not being able to fall back asleep for 1-2 hours.  I feel like I’m hungry a lot more in the last week or two, which could be because of the change in my diet with the Gestational Diabetes.  My hormones are getting stirred up again which means I’m breaking out on my shoulders again.  And I’m very irritable.

Weight Gain:  20lbs exactly.  Not super happy with that but obviously that number could be much higher.  According to my baby app I’m a pound too much, so it tells me I’m in the excessive range. Wow, thanks.

Highs:  Feeling the baby move.  Also, when the boys rush to grab my arm to ‘help’ me walk across the slippery parking lots.  So sweet. They are so excited for the baby to come, they have been so patient this whole time!

Cravings/Aversions: Let’s just say this one all together, shall we?  1, 2, 3: CARBS!!!!  Ok, I shouldn’t even say I crave them, I just want what I can’t have.  And I can’t have carbs so I want those.  But otherwise no real cravings. 

Excited for:  I’m excited to be able to wear real pants that don’t need pulling up every 5 steps.  But I will wait 8 more weeks for those just so Baby gets nice and strong and healthy in my tummy.  I’m always excited for the next kick or roll I feel.  And I always look forward to my appointments, especially now that they’re every 2 weeks.  I love talking to the dr.’s and hearing all about me and the baby.  They make me feel special.

Now for the rest of my schpeel. 

My good friend, Erin, is in Labor and Delivery as we speak.  Today is the day her little bundle will be born.  I’m so excited for her!  Good luck, Erin!

We got a pile of snow Saturday night!  6”!!!  I loved seeing it Sunday morning! 


The boys had fun playing in it and helping Andy clear the driveway.  It didn’t hurt our plans for Sunday to go to the Iowa Men’s Basketball game so that was a bonus!

Andy had a great birthday (he tells me).  He was fed his favorite cinnamon rolls for breakfast, opened gifts of Hawkeye gear, we went out to lunch with friends before heading to the basketball game (where we kicked some booty), and came home to one of his favorite meals and his family came over to celebrate.  Oh, and I made him yet another dessert cake that involved cherries, his favorite.  Plus he got a nap in there!  A full, fun day!

Friday Brennie brought home a Christmas gift for me and Andy that he made at school.  He is just like me and couldn’t stand the thought of us having to wait until Christmas morning to open it, so he told us we were supposed to open it then.  Adorable.


It was a votive candle holder. Thanks, Brennie!

And a December post wouldn’t be complete without showing you where Dynamite hung out this weekend.


Can you spot him in this first picture?


Here he is!


Saturday morning he was found in Brennan’s room riding his dinosaur but I forgot to take a picture of that one.  And if you’re following on my calendar you can see I am way off course and not even using it anymore.  Burn out!  Plus I have started almost forgetting to move him so Andy has helped by just sticking him somewhere (thus the dinosaur and tractor riding).  But the boys are still having fun!  Tomorrow night, Christmas Eve, he will leave us until next December.  He will be leaving a goodbye note and a small treat or toy (yet to be determined) because they have been good boys this month like asked. 

Tomorrow’s going to be a busy day around here so I doubt you will hear from me but I should be back on Thursday with a Christmas update.  Until then, have a very Merry Christmas!



  1. 20lbs? That's it? I gained a whopping 68lbs with my first and 48lbs with the second (Although I had preeclampsia with both kiddos- NO FUN!). My guess is you are ALL BABY! :)

  2. 20 lbs. is awesome... that will make things easier post-baby I'm sure! :) Will they induce you early since you're measuring so far ahead or will they let you go to 40 weeks? Either way, it's getting SO close! So exciting!! If I don't talk to you before then have a Merry Christmas! :)

  3. Oh man, I wish I only gained 20 pounds while pregnant!! Good job!! Sto stressing over it! You'll lose it!!
    I love our baby updates! And what a cutie it looks like!! Now I just want to see it for real!! But, of course I can wait!
    I'm glad you guys had a good day yesterday! And what a sweetie Brennan is! I also love that picture frame in the background! You look gorgeous, as always!

  4. 20 pounds, that's awesome! You look fabulous! I'm pretty sure I CLEARED 20 pounds WELL before the 32 week mark. You're doing awesome.
    Aren't the later U/S awesome?! I had them often because M was breech, and we checked almost every week to see if he'd flipped (which he never did - stubborn little boy).

  5. Oh that sweet baby!!! How precious! Andy's birthday sounds exhausting! What a full day!!! No snow here....tons of rain! Merry christmas my love!