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A Full Weekend and A Glucose Test

Hello there!  Coming to you live from the hospital lab today.  Today is my 3 hour glucose test.  I made it safe and sound after a 2 1/2” snowfall yesterday that left the roads a little snow covered this morning.  Arrived just before 7 a.m., got registered and came down for 3 1/2 hrs of torture.  First things first, they drew a vial of blood.  My favorite tech was just getting here for the day as I was walking back with someone I’d never had before. Let the panic set in.  Luckily Janet told the gal I need to recline when getting my blood drawn (especially on an empty stomach!) and this different tech was very good, barely felt a thing.  The other good thing about Janet being there is she talks and talks the whole time, so I can focus on her and chatting and not on what’s really happening to me.  Survived the first of 4 blood draws, then went and peed in a cup.  Wish I had known about this before I went to the bathroom right before I walked down to the lab!  Oh well, was able to give them just enough so we’re all good.

Next up, drinking the orange drink.  I chugged that thing in 1 minutes time!  Boom!  Like a pro, folks.  And now it’s been 30 minutes since I drank that stuff and I’ve gone from feeling fine to feeling a bit yucky, back to feeling fine, and now super tired.  Not sure if it’s from the drink, the lack of food or having to get up so early to get in here this morning.  Will let you know the results of the test when I do!

Wow, what a fast weekend this one was!  Sunday night were were sitting on the couch at 7:30 and I told Andy I felt like I missed the entire weekend, never had one. 

Saturday I was home all day while Andy went Christmas shopping for me with his mom. They have a tradition of going shopping together every year so she can get his dad’s gifts and he can get mine.  He came home mid-afternoon then I got ready to go out with some girlfriends that night.  Saturday night I met the girls in town at 5:30 and we went on the Christmas Tour of Homes in my hometown.  There were 5 houses on the tour this year.  We had such a great time!  There were 4 old houses, built in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  The 5th house was built in the 90’s.  The first house we went to was my favorite, by far.  The house itself was GORGEOUS.  The homeowners have remodeled parts of the house over the years and they did an amazing job at it!  And the decorations were beautiful.  She is an antique collector, and not just furniture.  A lot of her Xmas decorations were antiques also, which totally got my wheels spinning because I love vintage/antique Christmas decorations, too.  So I will be stopping at antique stores from now on.  The other houses were nice but were not decorated as well as the first (in my opinion).  After the tour we went to supper and have fun just chatting.  We have decided to make this an annual tradition from now on.  So if anyone else wants to join us (ahem, Jodi!!) mark the first weekend in December on your calendar for next year!

Sunday was a busy day, too.  The boys had religion class in the morning, and while they were there I was home decorating 2 dozen cupcakes for the reception after that evening’s Christmas program.  We picked them up from that, went home and hurried up to make snacks to take to my mom’s for the afternoon of Tree Hopping.

Tree Hopping is something my mom’s family started doing 20 years ago.  The gals were all sitting around complaining about how they go through all the trouble to decorate their houses for Xmas but no one ever sees what they did. So they decided to plan an afternoon to go house to house and we’d snack at each house, drink, be merry and see everyone’s trees.  It has been one of the most fun traditions we have and every year I look forward to it so much.

So we started at noon this year, at my mom’s house.  I made some crescent roll ups and took a plate of deer bologna, sticks and jerky.  My mom made a yummy chip dip that I found on Pinterest (follow me!), set out a tray of our cookies and candy we made a couple weeks ago, and my sister took fruit and a fruit dip.  The other stops had rolls with Cinnamon Honey butter, cheese balls, snack mixes, BBQ pork sandwiches and Bacon Cheeseburger soup.  The roads were deteriorating throughout the afternoon but we all made it safely from stop to stop.  We were bummed out we had to leave a little early to get back home for the boys’ church Xmas program.  But when we got to the car (after all of us getting bundled up to head out) I checked my phone to make sure the program hadn’t been cancelled and sure enough, it was!  So back in we went and got to spend another hour with our amazing family!  (Program has been rescheduled for this coming Sunday.)

It was a great weekend but just flew by so dang fast!  Looking forward to this coming weekend, we have NOTHING planned at all!!!

Our friend Dynamite was a silly little guy this weekend! 


This one upset Brennie, he thought Dynamite was being mean coloring on their pictures.  I had to explain that he was just being silly.  After that he was okay with it.

This was the handiwork of Andy.  Figured I’d let the engineer design the snowflake!


And this is what the boys found this morning.  Unfortunately I wasn’t there to see their reaction.


My first hour is up, time to get blood draw #2.

Have a great week!!



  1. Good luck today! Sending you not sweet vibes!!!

  2. I love the undies instead of stockings!!
    Aw, Brennie! So sweet!! I'm glad he was ok with it after you explained it to him!!
    And yes, I really really really want to come!! And do the tree tour too!! What a great idea!! I love it!!
    I'm glad you had a good weekend, other than the ceremony being cancelled!!
    And good luck today! I hope the test comes back with good results!

  3. My mom and I used to go on the Home Tours during the holidays. I loved it.
    Your tradition of tree hopping is SO awesome! I will have to see if my girl friends would be up for doing something similar.