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Wednesday already?  I won’t complain that this week is flying by like all the others this summer but I am going to complain that one month from Sunday Aiden goes back to school.  Not cool!  (No, he doesn’t start school on a Sunday, he starts school on Aug 21st.)  With one month to go until school starts that means I need to get a Back To School shopping day planned for us.  I’m in denial that we only have a month of freedom left.  This only means one thing – we need to pack the next 4 weeks full of fun!

Swim lessons started yesterday.  Brennan did AWESOME!  That kid is a fish!  Aiden did pretty good, too, but he’s still a bit timid. 


We went back to the pool in the afternoon to play. It was so super hot, I barely sat on the chaise lounge because I felt like I was baking.  I layered us all up with sunscreen 2 x’s in the 2 hrs we were there but I still got burnt!  Brennan got too much sun and pool time, last night he didn’t feel good.  He wouldn’t eat supper last night and fell asleep on the couch at 6:30.  He actually slept 13 hours last night!  It was almost 7:30 this morning when he woke up. Today he’s a bit cranky but says he feels all better.


One good thing about the end of summer approaching – HAWKEYE FOOTBALL!!!  45 days till kickoff!  I can’t wait!  And did you know that the NFL Hall of Fame game is the first week in August? Say what!?  Football means Fall, which I love, so I’ll focus on that good instead of the end of summer. 

Because Brennie wasn’t feeling good last night we skipped the fair.  But I think we might go again tonight.  That Sloppy Joe Dinner is calling my name! Ha ha!

Today is finally the day – I’m making jelly!  As soon as we’re done eating lunch I’m digging in and getting it going.  I’ll do a step by step post on it tomorrow, it’s really very easy to make.  Canning shouldn’t scare anyone, it’s all easy!  I promise!

Have a great Wednesday!



  1. Poor B! He was just worn out!

    I am so excited for football. I can't wait. I live for football. Woo Hoo!!!

    I am not sure when Todd actually starts teaching again,but I know he has to be back at work on August 7th. So, my guess would be sometime the week of August 12th.

    Where did summer go?

  2. I really cannot wait to see this canning. I would also love to taste it! Haha! Oh and by the way, why don't you just rub it in that you are getting awesome fair food again. So very nice of you!!! I hope lil man is feeling better. G feel asleep at 7 last night and slept til 6AM this morning. Cray Cray. But I ain't complaining. She was just tired, not sick.

  3. I cannot believe how fast summer has gone by! Swim lessons looks like lots of fun!

  4. Oh no, poor little Brennan!! How was he feeling today?
    I can't believe summer is almost over, a month left, that's it!! It goes too fast! But, I love fall too so I'm not too sad!!
    How'd your jelly turn out? How many jars did you get?

  5. Do the boys have 1:1 instructor to swimmer ratio?
    Poor Brennan. That summer sun can sneak up and really zap the littles. I hope he's back to feeling 100%!