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I’m The Mom Of A 7 Year Old!

How did that happen?  Where have the last 7 years gone?  I guess they have been devoted to watching Aiden grow! 

Aiden is such a caring little … oops. no wait, BIG boy!  A couple of examples:  For Father’s Day he handed Andy his $2 bill from the tooth fairy and said “I’m buying your {Panchero’s} burrito today, Dad!”  And at his birthday party Friday he got a box of candy Dots in the claw game and brought them right away to Andy because he knows they’re his favorite. 
Aiden is a sports fanatic.  He doesn’t so much love to watch them, but he does love to play them!  Football, Basketball, Baseball and Soccer.  And he’s good at them!  He’s a fast runner and he hustles like you wouldn’t believe!

Aiden is a great student, too.  He is a great listener for his teacher, loves to participate in class and he really loves to learn.  He’s become a very strong reader, I love watching him sit down with a good book.

Aiden is an awesome friend and big brother.  Yes, he fights with Brennan often, but he does love his brother and does a great job taking care of him when necessary.  And Aiden never complains when he has friends over and Brennan tags along!
Aiden has a very sweet nature about him.  He likes to help me around the house and doesn’t complain (too much) when I ask him to help unload the dishwasher, or set the table, or dust.  He is very soft and gentle with me and takes care of me when Andy isn’t around. 
Our sweet boy Aiden.  We love him so so much, more than words can express.  He is one in a million and we are so lucky to be able to call him ‘ours’. 
Happy 7th Birthday, Buddy!


  1. AWW!!! Happy birthday Aiden! I hope y'all have a great day! Happy to see you back!

  2. Such a proud momma!! And what a great little boy =) Happy Birthday Aiden!! =)

  3. Happy Birthday Aiden! Glad to see your internet is back! :)

  4. Happy Birthday Aiden!

  5. Happy Birthday sweet boy - Wes is 2 tomorrow. I can't believe it. AGH!!!

  6. Happy birthday too aiden!!

  7. HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY to Aidan!!!