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The County Fair

Last night was the first ‘real’ night of the county fair.  Here, if it’s county fair time it is either hotter than hades or raining.  Cue the heat and humidity!  It was 93 degrees when we pulled in, the heat index was around 100 degrees and our dew point was in the 70’s.  Ugh!  The air just felt heavy!  But that wasn’t going to stop us!  And honestly, by around 6:30 it started to feel less humid, not quite as hot and there was a nice breeze blowing through.

Our first stop was to see all of the 4-H exhibits.  I love seeing all of the creative ideas those 4-Her’s and their parents come up with.  These are the two projects Aiden took that he made at his meetings.


We headed out of there and walked through the Exhibit Building (the businesses and political parties booths).  It was pretty lame this year, we didn’t walk out of there with any freebies.  We walked through the chickens and rabbits then stopped for supper.

I have to say, I dream about my Sloppy Joe Dinner all year long!  I don’t know what they do to make those sloppy joe’s, but they are AWESOME!  My dinner was delicious! 


With our tummy’s full, off we went to see the rest of the exhibits.  We ran into our niece, just after she got Reserve Champion for her dog at the Agility Dog Show!


We saw the pigs, cow’s, sheep, rabbits, chickens, horses, bucket bottle calves and goats.


And then it was off to the Sanctioned Track Pull! 

I’m guessing most of you will think “How boring!” but I love the tractor pull!  As a kid it didn’t impress me, but all 4 of us like watching it now.  They start out at the starting line, build up pressure in their engines with white exhaust coming out of their stacks, once it turns black they throw it into gear and take off!!  300 feet is the length of the course and a lot of them surpass that!  Not by a lot, but one did go 312 feet!  We sit at the end of the course so we can see how far they go.  There were John Deere, International and Allis Chalmers tractors there.  My dad is first and foremost an Allis Chalmers fan, with John Deere coming in a close second, so we have fun cheering on the very few AC’s that pull and guessing who will go farthest. 


I took a video of one so you can see how fast it goes!  It takes them longer to re-smooth the track each time than for the actual pull.  You can see this guy had a full pull because he made it to 300 feet, but he didn’t win his heat because another guy went farther.

County Fair 2013 is a success!  Not sure if we’ll make it back in there between now and Friday, but Friday it is on!  Demo Derby!!!  Can’t wait!

Round 2 of swim lessons starts today.  Brennan is quite the fish, he’ll have no problems.  I’m hoping Aiden is feeling braver and kicks butt in there this week!  And maybe, just maybe, we’ll stick around town and go back to the pool this afternoon to try to beat the heat.

Have a fantastic,fabulous Tuesday!



  1. Your fair food looks so much better than ours did. It looks edible. I'm jealous. I love you Erin. You have a FABULOUS Tuesday!

  2. What a fun night! Good luck with swimming lessons! Ours our over for the summer (thankyoubabyjesus)!!!

  3. Funny story: until very recently, I thought a tractor pull entailed dudes trying to pull tractors. Like a strong man competition in the country. Pete that my misunderstanding was hilarious. :)

  4. Great pics, glad you guys had so much fun! I totally vote that you guys hit up the pool this afternoon... it's crazy hot here and I'm stuck at work so I'll just live through you!

  5. Looks like you guys had fun! I love fairs! Especially the food... ;) You totally need to go swimming and enjoy summer while it lasts!

  6. Raise your hand if you didn't know what a tractor pull was until reading this post. I'm raising my hand. Oh and I want to eat that sloppy joe immediately. Looks so good.

  7. The tractor pull looks like so much fun!! Ollie loved the video! He loves tractors!! That fair would be so fun too!! But the heat?? Oh my god, I'd die!! 93 with humidity?? I think I would have just stayed home in the AC!!

  8. Humidity is the worst, but I love county fairs! Can't wait for ours around here!! :)

  9. No fair is complete without scorching heat and insane humidity.
    Seeing all your pics makes me ache for home!!