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Naked And Not Going To Happen

Hey!  How was your Monday?  Mine was pretty good – went and picked sweet corn last night, can’t wait to dig into that!  Andy and Brennan worked on shucking it while I went to pick up Aiden from Vacation Bible School.  A storm was blowing in while we were finishing up, I took a few pictures of the neat clouds that preceded it, Aiden helping shuck corn and Brennan ‘helping shuck corn’.


If you need any help shucking your corn call up Aiden, he loves to do it!  You just have to pay him his weight in sweet corn!

Anyone else been eagerly awaiting the birth of the new Royal Baby?  When I was pregnant and found out William and Kate were pregnant and due close to my due date I was so excited!  Not many people can say they have a baby when the Royal couple does!  Ever since then I have been very excited about the arrival of the new Royal Baby.  To hear yesterday that it’s a Prince - I was so excited and happy!  I can’t wait to see that little bundle and to hear his name.  Can you believe that tiny little Kate had an 8lb. 6oz. baby?!?  Where did that little guy stuff himself in there?

Have any of you seen the new ‘reality’ show “Naked and Afraid”?   It is INSANE.  These crazy people are actually buck naked, walking around tropical rainforests, jungles, The Bush, islands in the Maldives… They ditch their clothes and leave them with whoever drops them off out in the middle of nowhere and start walking until they find their naked partner.  Can you imagine meeting someone for the first time while being completely naked???  Uhhh, nothankyouverymuch! They have to find little satchels that hold a few key supplies – knives/machetes, pans, and a map with where to stay for the next 21 days and where to go to get picked up at the end of their stay.  They have to build shelter, make a fire, learn to find their own food and fresh water and deal with the intense heat and ginormous bugs and snakes.  Really, this show is nuts.  The people who are willing to do this are nuts.  It’s must see TV, ha ha!  And it’s definitely NOT something I would EVER do in a million years!  Forget it!

The rest of this week’s temperatures are going to be amazing!  Highs in the 70’s, low dew points – I can’t wait!  I do believe a few bike rides are in our future this week! Some nice, long walks in the evenings.  Reading a book or magazine on the deck.  Awww, heaven!

Tonight I am going out to supper with two very good friends of mine.  And guess where we’re going to eat!!!  PAGLIAI’S!!!  My MOST favorite pizza restaurant in the big city!  After supper we’re going to get pedicures, can’t wait!  There’s something about spending a few hours with your girlfriends, it totally re-energizes me!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!



  1. Can't wait to hear the babies name... agh

  2. Those clouds look wicked! Good ol' Iowa thunderstorms, not much can top those... Except for the sweet corn. :) I can taste the deliciousness from here.

  3. I love Naked and Afraid! I wouldn't last 5 minutes on that show. HAHA You shuck your corn? ;) I did too until I found the coolest little trick ever! I saw it on pinterest. You take an ear of corn with all that crap still on it (whatever its called), wrap it in a damp paper town and cook it in the microwave for 3 minutes. After it's done, you cut off the end and wiggle it out with the other end and it's completely clean!

  4. Great pictures Erin!! I keep checking the internet for pictures and names of this Royal Mister.

  5. Have fun tonight! Sounds like a great time!

    Ummm yeah... the only people who see me nakie are my husband.... And it is not outside :)

    And can I please come live with you and you can teach me how to grow a garden?

  6. Enjoy your dinner tonight!! Yummy pizza!!
    Um, that show sounds nuts!!! Who would do that? Who would even think of making a show like that?? Crazy!!
    The little prince is so cute, and I cannot believe she had that big of a baby!! She's so teeny tiny!