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Aiden’s 7th Birthday

Happy Tuesday!  Sunday was Aiden’s birthday and he had a GREAT birthday!  It started on Friday afternoon when we had his friend party.  We picked up 4 boys, which means we had 5 seven year olds and 1 four year old in our car.  That equals NOISE!  It was fun to have all of those crazy boys together, but they were talking about boogers and farts (ew!) and I told Andy when they got to the age of ‘smelling’ I would be driving myself in another vehicle!  I can’t handle all those boy smells, ha ha!

We started with pizza.  I cannot believe how much pizza those boys ate!  Some of them had 4 pieces!!!  Aiden is usually a 2 piece kind of guy so I was shocked at how much those other’s ate!  They had fun playing the arcade games at the pizza place while we waited for the pizza to come.  After pizza we headed to the bowling alley where we played Putt Putt Golf.

Those boys played 18 holes of Putt Putt Golf in 10 minutes!  Ha ha!  I thought I’d have to drag them out of there after an hour, but they were not at all interested in trying to line up their shots and take their time, it was ‘go-go-go’ the entire time!  We were lucky enough to have that whole place to ourselves so we let them run amuck and play the holes over and over again.  The windmill was a hit, of course.  Aiden even got a hole in one on that hole!  I was a proud mom because when I was 7 or 8 I got a hole in one on that exact same hole!  Ha ha!  Brennan got a hole in one on a different hole, he was pretty excited!IMG_0102IMG_0103IMG_0107IMG_0110

We left the bowling alley and went to grab ice cream for dessert.  After ice cream we went to the park to run for a little bit, then open presents.  I wasn’t able to get any pictures of Aiden opening his presents because I was still in the car texting one of the mom’s (had to make plans on where to drop off her son, NOT being an absentee mom!).  So I missed his excitement over all of his cool gifts – a Lego Set, a fishing pole with a small tackle box and tackle, a G.I. Joe Ninja set (they were Ninja’s??), and a few other small items that are a boy’s dream (Silly String anyone?).  Aiden had a great night, and we wore the boys out because the ride home was MUCH quieter!

Saturday was a great day, too.  That night we went to a small country church’s open house and watched their fireworks. 


We got home about 10:00 and the boys were exhausted!  Straight to bed for them, but for me I had some work to do.  I had to wrap Aiden’s presents, bake his cake so it’d be cooled in the morning so I could frost it (which I skipped because I was so tired) and decorate Aiden’s door.


I highly recommend doing this, or hanging balloons from the door frame, it makes them feel so special! 

Sunday, Aiden’s actual birthday, was the family party. I woke up before 6:00 to bake his cake and make the pasta salad.  Of course the boys were up about that time because of the excitement of the day.  I made Aiden his requested breakfast of French toast and bacon, then he opened his presents from us.


For his lunch party I made oven fried chicken, hot wings (Aiden’s favorite), corn on the cob (another of his fav’s), pasta salad, deviled eggs (my first attempt, and they were super good!), olives (Aiden’s fav) and sliced cheese.  Everyone was stuffed and everything tasted great.  I love hosting parties and making a bunch of food for everyone! 

Aiden’s cake was a Hawkeye cake.  I surprised him with it.  He couldn’t think of what he wanted on his cake this year so I took the reins and he was super happy with it!  It was also my first time using Fondant, something I will definitely use again.


After lunch and cake with ice cream Aiden opened his presents.IMG_0138IMG_0141IMG_0142

After everyone left we went to the big city for supper and to let Aiden spend his birthday money.  He got another Lego set (yes, the boys LOVES Lego’s) and a 3DS game (Lego City Undercover, The Chase Begins).  I’d say the boy had an amazing birthday!

Both boys were exhausted and went to bed early Sunday night.  All day Monday Aiden worked on building his Lego sets and fighting crime with Chase McCain (Lego game).  He has carried his Hawkeye pillow pet around non-stop, too!  He loves all of his gifts.  Today – thank you notes!

My internet is still giving me headaches, which is why I didn’t respond to any emails yesterday.  I’m hoping today is a better day and I can get back to you!

Talk soon!



  1. Wow! Looks like a great birthday! And is there anything you can't do?!?! You make gorgeous cards and now I find out your phenominal with cakes as well. I mean that Hawk is GREAT!!! Can you come here for our next birthday party!?!?!

  2. Happy Birthday Aiden!! omg you made that!?!? it looks professional! You're amazing and such a good mom :) love the hawkeye wrapping too by the way ;)

  3. Look at you Miss Cake Decorator! Great job!

  4. Looks like a fun 7th birthday! That cake is amazing!

  5. It looks like he had a great day. I love the cake and door idea!!

  6. What a FUN birthday! I cannot wait to do all those fun little things for Marcus' birthday. I would have LOVED waking up to streamers and balloons blocking my door. :) His cake was awesome - too bad it's the wrong colors and wrong team. ;)
    And, maybe all those boys snarfing down so much pizza is just prepping you for when the boys get to be a little older and eat you out of house and home!