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Outside Fall Decorations

Good Thursday morning to you!

I can hardly believe that October is over half-way over and we will soon be thinking of turkey’s and pies!  Last night we received an email from Andy’s sister-in-law with the Thanksgiving menu in it, telling us what our contribution to the meal will be.  I am the pie maker so I will be taking pumpkin, apple and cherry pie, plus a relish tray.  Andy’s family is picky like him, so they like everything to be basic.  So no fancy mashed potatoes, just plain old mashed potatoes.  We will also have turkey and ham, Stove  Top stuffing (that drives me nuts!  Seriously?  We can’t make homemade stuffing at least?), noodles and a relish tray.

It’s funny how different families interpret the relish tray differently.  Andy’s family: pickles, olives, carrots and cheese.  My family: olives (passion plums as my dad calls them), cheese, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, more cheese and more olives.  Don’t forget the ranch dip for both.

So Fall is hurrying right along.  We go to the farm store this weekend for our big shopping trip!  Yay!!!  We got the ad in the mail yesterday, was a little disappointed but I know we will still have fun and score some good toys.  I made a run to Dollar General for kleenex last night and, because I was there all. by. myself!!! I was able to stroll through the store and gawk.  So I grabbed a couple of stocking stuffers while there – bath wash with Spiderman and Cars on them for the boys and perfume for my niece (that cheap, aerosol crap that every 12 year old should own! Ha ha!).  It was fun and I definitely had Christmas music playing in my head on the ride home!  It’s amazing how much Christmas stuff is out in the stores already!

I wanted to show you my outside decorations. I had fun setting them up.


This basket was my picnic basket, but the handle broke and I couldn’t fix it.  I was bummed until I realized I could use it outside to decorate.  I grew those gourds (not the pumpkins) in my garden this year.  It was fun to see those vines take over my garden!  I think I’ll plant them again next year.


This ghost. Sigh.  At our old house it would get blown around so it never faced forward.  It drove me nuts so I haven’t used it the last couple of years.  But this year I propped it up in front of this ‘fence’ and it now proudly faces out.  I love it!  And then I just took vine I bought at the craft store and mesh ribbon and wound it around the ‘fence’. 

So tell me, what does your family’s relish tray consist of?




  1. U crack me up - relish tray consists of olives, green and black - pickles - and jalapenos. I know we are weird.

  2. Pretty decor and I am loving your veggie tray descriptions! Ha!

  3. I am glad you explained what a relish tray is... because I had no idea. I was going to google it. :)

    My husband's family... you want to know what they TRY to do every year on Thanksgiving? They try to go out to eat.

    Awww hell to tha no. :)

    You outdoor decorations look good, Erin!!