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Do you remember your dreams?  How often do you have dreams?  I am an active dreamer (both night time and day) and I might not remember all of my dreams or even the entire dream, but most mornings I can remember an image, a feeling or some little bit from a dream I had the night before.

Along with being a dreamer I also talk in my sleep.  I’m sure most of it is mumbling, but when I was pregnant with our first I would fall asleep before Andy almost every night.  He’d lay in bed and finish the show we were watching, and when he’d start to wiggle around it’d bring me back just enough to talk in my sleep and say “I love you sooooo much, Andy.”  Almost every night.  He tells me I’ve even had short conversations with him right after I fall asleep.

Also when we were pregnant Andy had a dream that we had a boy, he was a major chunk and when Andy put him up on his shoulder his arms would hang half-way down his back.  Enter Aiden (boy), 9lbs 1 oz. (chunk) with monkey arms (long).  Weird.  He had a dream about Brennan too, and that baby was a boy in his dream.  We never found out what we were having so it’s weird that he was dreaming they were boys.  He never had a dream that they were girls.

Do you ever wake up with the feelings you had in your dream? Anger, frustration, happiness, etc.?  I have done that quite a bit.  In one dream I had a few weeks ago my brother-in-law left my sister for a MUCH older woman.  I was so stinking mad at him in that dream!  That next day we had my nephew’s birthday party and I honestly had a hard time looking at him without feeling mad at him. 

Last night I had a terrible dream.  In it my dad decided he’d had enough of living on the farm and was moving to town and selling the farm.  I grew up on our farm so if this happened in real life it would be very upsetting.  In this dream I went ballistic.  I screamed, bawled, yelled, cried and was so angry with my dad I couldn’t even look at him.  So when I woke up this morning I felt very hurt by my dad, whom I love and adore and in my eyes he does no wrong.  So it was a cruddy feeling.  I of course called him and told him about it, he just laughed and said he had no intentions of selling the farm.  Phew, thank goodness!

That brings me to the meaning of dreams.  I wish I had one of those books that helped you decipher your dreams.  I’d love to know why I dreamed that and what it means.  Some old co-workers used to tell me I needed to go see someone about my dreams because they were always so weird and over the top.  It’d be neat to know the meaning of these crazy dreams.

So, do you dream every night?  Are they vivid?  Do you know what they mean?



  1. Erin I love interpreting dreams - you can also google them on the internet. I believe each dream has a deeper meaning - like the one where my teeth fall out. I ALWAYS dream my teeth are lose or fall out. It HAS to mean something. Also I dream I forget to wear a bra to work - hahaha. That HAS to mean something too. Man.. I love dreams and dream very vivid dreams when I do remember.

  2. I ALWAYS ALWAYS remember my dreams. It can be pretty weird. I also definitely relate to being mad at people based on what happens in my dreams, I have to remind myself that those things didnt happen in real life. I tend to have dreams on a regular basis that my parents are kicking me out of my house & I don't even live with them. Bizare.