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Liebster Award Nominee

Hey all!  I was nominated for the Liebster award by Sonya over at Healthy Sew.  If you haven’t checked out her blog go do so please, and give her a little love.  She’s on a weight loss journey like so many of us are.  We feel your pain, Miss Sonya!  Keep on keepin’ on, we’ll get there together.

Anyway, for this award there are a few rules.  They are as follows:

  • Post 11 things about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions the person who nominated you asked you
  • Create 11 more questions to ask your nominees
  • Choose 11 bloggers to nominate who have fewer than 200 followers
  • Make sure to let these people know you nominated them!
  • No tag backs, so don't nominate someone who nominated you.

Business first, my nominees. Please check these gals out and give them some lovin’.  I see this award is ‘getting around’ so some of these gals already have answered q’s from other bloggers.  So, instead of going and letting these gals know I’m just hoping they’ll see on my blog that they are nominated and if they want to answer the q’s, then they can.  Also, if you haven’t been nominated yet please feel free to post your blog name/address in the comments and then stick that award on your blog and answer the q’s.  All I ask is you link back to me somewhere on your blog post (a.k.a, share the love!).

The 11 questions for them to answer:

  1. If you could be any animal, which animal would you be and why?
  2. Which dead celebrity would you like to have supper with? Explain.
  3. What is your one guilty pleasure (talking food)?
  4. Turkey or ham sandwich?
  5. What color of polish is on your toes right now?
  6. Would you rather eat 5 cockroaches or lay in a coffin with snakes slithering all over you?
  7. What is your favorite time of day?  What are you usually doing then?
  8. Which perfume do you wear?
  9. Describe the perfect vacation.
  10. Flannel or cotton sheets?
  11. Who is your favorite singer or group of all time?

Ok, and now on to the questions I have to answer from Sonya.

  1. What's your middle name? Yvonne, pronounced ‘E’-von, not Ya-von.
  2. Last book you read?  I can’t remember. I am usually a big reader but have not picked up a book since early summer.  I have been trying to read “The Summer I Dared” by Barbara Delinsky since last spring and just keep putting it away.  So that is what is currently sitting on my end table with a bookmark in it.  It’s not a bad book, I don’t think, just haven’t felt like putting any effort into it.
  3. Favorite "healthy" food. How sad is it that I’m struggling on this one? I guess I like bananas.
  4. Favorite "non-healthy" food. Pagliai’s Pizza, pronounced Polly-Eyes. O! M! GGGGGG!!!!!  So super duper yummy.  My mouth is actually watering thinking about it.  Talk about a mouth-gasm! 
  5. Favorite drink, other then water. Mt Dew (didn’t have to think about that one)
  6. Where were you born? my hometown hospital, which is where my husband and boys were born, also. 
  7. Favorite form of exercise? playing football with my boys. My goal is to say ‘running’.  Still working on that one. 
  8. Favorite sport to watch? Football. Not picky, this can be high school, college or pro.
  9. Favorite quote. I don’t have one.  I see a bunch on Pinterest that I think are cool and I might take a moment to think about, but I don’t have one that I live by, use or say. 
  10. How would your friends & family describe you? Bold and brash.  Seriously, my husband overheard my sister describe me that way.  Not cool.  I am not a mean person, I just get my feathers ruffled quickly and like to take things into my own hands to get them moving.  They would also say I’m very loving, fiercely protective, emotional, sensitive, rambunctious, and funny.
  11. Favorite tv show. IDK on this one.  There isn’t really a show that I cannot miss.  I love Young and The Restless, Nashville, Duck Dynasty (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it) and Modern Family.

And now for the 11 ‘things’ about myself. Hmm, what to say without scaring you?

  1. I love to make lists.  I make lists for EVERYTHING.  Gift lifts, cleaning lists, food prep lists, holiday lists, vacation packing lists.  Lists, lists, lists.
  2. I would rather dust than clean the bathroom sink.  I’d rather vacuum than mop.  I’d rather scrub the toilet than the tub.
  3. I was a Girl’s Basketball Cheerleader all three years in high school.  Our team mascot was/is the Demon.  No, we are not devil worshipers, just bad asses.  “We are the Demons, the mighty mighty Demons say Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
  4. I am attracted to older men, but my husband is only 2 months older than me.  Examples:  Ed Harris, Robert Redford (15 yrs ago), Clint Eastwood (15 years ago), John Slattery (any age, any time, just call me!).  I think it might have something to do with a song I loved as a younger gal and still love.  A guy singing “Young girl get out of my mind.  My love for you is way out of line, better run girl!  YOUR MUCH TOO YOUNG GIRL!”  Mmm, just love it.
  5. Places I want to visit someday: Maine, Prince Edward Island – Canada (I was a big Anne Of Green Gables fan growing up), Ireland, England, Italy, Australia and Alaska.
  6. I am terrible at deciphering song lyrics. For instance, I used to think the words to Jungle Love were Tra La La.  For Ozzy’s Bark at the Moon?  I thought it was Fuckin’ the Bull.  IDK, it’s just what I heard!  Andy gets quite the kick out of that one.
  7. I am the kiss of death for TV shows.  If I go on about how much I love a show it ends up getting cancelled.  Case in point:  Ed and American Dreams.  2 of my most favorite shows of all time, cancelled before their time should have been up. I would love to go about a new show I really, really like but don’t want to jinx it too, so I’ll just say it’s on ABC, Wednesday nights at 10/9C. Love!
  8. I have road rage and I am not afraid to use my horn.  And I like to use my horn just because, too, so if I pull into your driveway expect some major horn honking!
  9. I believe in Angels, not ghosts, and I truly believe that when babies are looking past you/over your shoulder and really staring at something they are looking at the Angels who are there.
  10. When I have hard serve ice cream at home I nuke it in the microwave for 15-25 seconds to soften it up so I can stir it and make it soupy.  And I only like vanilla, although it can be vanilla with something added (Cookies And Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough).
  11. I’m afraid to be home by myself after dark and imagine I hear things and that people are looking in the windows at me.  I know, I’m a freak.  Thank goodness we are now in a tiny little safe town!

There you have it, the Liebster Award, and all that goes with it.  It’s a long post, I hope you made it all the way through!  And I hope you go check out the girls I nominated, they are all awesome and have great blogs!  So if you haven’t been nominated just say that I did nominate you (hee hee) and ‘link up’ through the comments section! 

Love to all,



  1. OMG I love Duck Dynasty - love it. You are so cute. I know I wish I had a quote I lived by.. I guess mine would be "kill em with kindness" - hahaha - it drives people insane. I love reading about this and THANK YOU for the shot out. I will answer your questions for SURE. Happy Friday darling.

  2. Hey girl! Thank you so much! I just posted about this so I will answer your questions here!
    If you could be any animal, which animal would you be and why? A DOG because they get to dress up like people and live in houses
    Which dead celebrity would you like to have supper with? Explain. Marilyn Monroe because I think she needed a genuine friend
    What is your one guilty pleasure (talking food)? Chocolate, potatoes, EVERYTHING bad for you
    Turkey or ham sandwich? Turkey
    What color of polish is on your toes right now? Champagne
    Would you rather eat 5 cockroaches or lay in a coffin with snakes slithering all over you? Neither, just kill me now.
    What is your favorite time of day? What are you usually doing then? I like the morning because its fun getting ready with Kendall and I like picking up kendall from school and going home to my husband at 5pm.
    Which perfume do you wear? Beyond Paradise by Estee Lauder
    Describe the perfect vacation. Beach. No responsibilities for like 3 weeks
    Flannel or cotton sheets? Cotton
    Who is your favorite singer or group of all time? I don't really have a lot of favorites - I like lots of music!

  3. We are friends because we both love bananas and hate being home alone after dark!

    Thank you for the award, lady!!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend with your family! :)