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The Things They Learn In School...

OMG!  I cannot BELIEVE the nasty things kids learn at school from their friends.  I remember all too well the awful things I learned on the bus - swear words, about sex, about violence - so I shouldn't be too surprised that Aiden is learning bad words at school, even though he doesn't ride the bus.  When he was 3 in preschool (at a Catholic School, no less) he learned the naughty phrase 'G. Dammit'.  Last night, while playing the Wii with Andy he yells out "Take that you pussy!".  Holy cow.  Andy stopped the game right away and asked him where he'd learned that.  Aiden cowered, knowing he was in trouble so didn't want to say.  He finally told Andy a kid at school said it at recess.  Ugh.  He didn't know it was a nasty word, now he does, so hopefully he won't be saying that one again. But what's next?  My 7 yr old nephew called his toys "F-ers" one day and that is definitely not a word his parents use -- I'm wondering why any parent would say that in front of their kids?  Obviously some parents do or Charley wouldn't have learned it from a kid at school. 

Question -- Do I tell the school or just let it go since we talked to Aiden about it and he knows not to say that word every again?


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