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Rainy Days & Mondays...

It's a dreary day and I have no energy, which means the housework isn't getting done.  I have a bit of a cold that is dragging me down a bit, too.  I did manage to exercise with Jillian this morning, day 7 for me.  Wow, I've never stuck to an exercise program this long before.  I know, 7 days is a really short amount of time, but for me to keep at it is huge to me!  I had to force myself to do it today.  All I wanted was to lay on the couch while Bren watched a movie with the hopes of catching a few zzz's.  Instead I reminded myself that I have a pair of jeans I want to get into, I have a trip I want to look good for, and I have a wedding I am now doing the readings for that I want to look good for.  So downstairs I went.  It's funny how once you get going it doesn't seem so bad.  I've heard people say that before and thought they were fibbing but it's true for me. Tomorrow I weigh in, I'm anxious to see what happens. 

Quick question -- at what age do you tell your kids no more baths, showers only? 

Talk soon!

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