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Party Time Flop

I love having parties and I hate having parties.  You plan and plan and plan, invite and get rsvp's, buy ingredients to make amazing dips and snacks, clean till your fingers bleed, then 2 days before the party those who said yes they'd come start dropping like flies.  So our party of 11 is now a party of 5 - wha wha whaaa. Whatevs, we'll still have a good time and there will still be good food to eat. 

Here's what I'm making for the party, I'll share the recipes later. 

Ham & Cheddar Cups
Hot Chicken Dip
Celery w/ PB (have to throw one healthy thing in there)
Cookie Dough Brownies 
Vodka soaked Gummy Bears (a Pinterest find)

We always have a theme for our party, which always falls around Valentine's Day.  This year's theme is Mustaches and Mullets.  Previous themes have been The 80's, a Redneck Wedding (the year I was 8 months pregnant w/ Brennan -- I got knocked up so we had to hurry up and get hitched!) and a Luau.  All have been fun, it's amazing how people interpret these themes and come dressed to impress.  This years we went with an easy theme, just throw on a fake mustache or mullet and go.  Who knows what next year will bring.

Well, have a great weekend.  I'll be back Monday with a new recipe (from above) to share.

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