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Good morning, Friends!

Yesterday when I picked Brennan up from Preschool his teacher, Mrs. A, told me about how 3 mischievous boys destroyed the puzzle and game corner.  She was trying to pick up and separate everything when she remembered how good Bren is at putting puzzles together.  Insert our super hero, Captain Puzzle Builder!  Doo doot da doo!  She asked Bren to help and that little stinker went over and put together all the puzzles with Mrs. A!  And he earned a purple smiley face (their behavior chart method) and a sticker! He was so proud!

Here was the end result of all that puzzle building:


He has never fallen asleep on the couch before. Aiden does all the time, but not Bren!  He was so worn out!  (To be completely honest, though, he woke up with a cold today so that could have had something to do with it, too.)

Wednesday night Aiden made his first touchdown in flag football!  We were so proud of that boy, and you could tell how proud of himself he was, too.  He told me later that his feet were on fire at the game, probably because he had drank so much water that day at school. Hee hee!  I love the crazy things kids come up with.  But if that gets him to drink more water, awesome!   Here’s a pic of him playing a couple weeks ago. He’s the one in the background chewing on his mouth guard. 


What are your weekend plans?  We have a family wedding tomorrow.  It’s an outdoor wedding and they are calling for beautiful weather, I’m looking forward to it.  Also a craft show in the morning with my mom, and possibly hitting up some garage sales if I have time.  The preschool is asking for books for rest time, thought that might be the cheapest way for me to get a bunch for them. 

Happy weekend, all!



  1. Little Mr. Puzzle builder - little cutie! We have a wedding this weekend and a birthday party - so needless to say, on Monday I will be exhausted. HA!

    1. Weekends are more tiring than workdays! Have fun!