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Horrendous Hump Day


First, I have to say how sad I am that Andy Williams has passed away.  I have always wanted to see him in concert at Christmas time, and now I never will.   Let's all take a moment to remember one of the greatest entertainers of all time.  Here he is singing Moon River.  Lovely.


Wasn’t he so handsome?  If I haven’t said it before I should tell you now – I was born a couple decades too later.  That or I was reincarnated and still hold on to my previous life from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  I love everything from that time period.  I should write about that sometime.  Well, anyway, God rest Andy William’s soul. 

Okay, so Hump Day should be a great day, right?  Well, not this week.  At least not for me.  It started last night with Brennan coughing so hard he was practically choking.  He started in with that about 20 minutes after he went to bed.  I gave him some Tylenol to try to relax him a bit, but that didn’t help at all.  (I’ve been told by doctors that kids younger than 6 shouldn’t take cold and cough medicine.)  He kept up the coughing off and on most of the night.  Every time he gets a cold he does this for a few weeks after all other symptoms of the cold are gone.   So I told Andy enough was enough, I was taking him to the doctor.

This morning we got up like normal, got Aiden ready for school and picture day and out the door we went.  We dropped Aiden off then came home and called the doctor’s office for an appointment.  They could get us in at 8:45 (40 minutes away), perfect.  I threw on my makeup and out the door we go.  We get about 5 minutes away from town and I realize that I didn’t send the picture order form and money with Aiden.  At this point there is no way I can get home to grab that, drop it off at school and still get to town in time for Bren’s appt.  I hit the shoulder, whip a shitty in the highway (code for turn around) and bomb back home to get that order form, because at this point I’m sure poor Aiden is standing in line to get his picture taken and is worried because everyone else is holding an envelope but him.  I feel AWFUL!  So I haul ass to get home, grab the envelope and take it school.  Meanwhile I call the dr. office and am able to push our appt back to 10. 

When I get to school Aiden is in his classroom, they haven’t gone down for pictures yet.  Phew!  In the car we go, and head out again for town.  We get there an hour before Bren’s appt so we run to the jewelry store to get new batteries in the hub’s watches.  At this point we now have 45 minutes to kill.  You know when you rush rush rush, then don’t have to rush anymore and you feel all jittery and jumpy?  Well, maybe that doesn’t happen to you, but it does to me.  So we find a quiet street to park on to kill time and I decompress and calm down.  Then Bren tells me he has to poop.  Great.  Well, I guess it’s better to be 20 minutes early to the appt than 20 minutes late, right?  So off to the dr.’s office we go.

They actually get us in 10 minutes early because we’re there, which is great.  They take his temp, nothing.  Heart beat?  Right on.  Lungs? Sound ok.  Blood oxygen level?  In an acceptable range, but lets see if we can improve that.  So they give him a nebulizer treatment, then test his O2 levels again.  Improved, bingo.  So basically my poor little Pea Pie has irritated lungs, caused by a cold.  They act like they are asthmatic, even though he doesn’t have asthma.  So 24 hours of steroid nebulizer treatments, then call in the morning and let them know if the coughing is better.  If not we’ll do 5 days of treatments.  This will settle his lungs down and help them heal. 

In the meantime, holy hell, Batman.  Brennan on steroids is like opening Pandora’s Box (even though I don’t know what that is!).  He is usually a shy, quiet kid in public.  Not today!  He chattered to me the entire ride home (20 minutes non-stop!!).  He asked me every question in the book (what’s that?  Why does that do that?  Who was that??).  He bounced around in his seat as much as he could while strapped down.  And his poor little hands shook!!!  Wowser!  I asked the doctor about that before leaving the office to be sure he wasn’t having some weird reaction.  She said some kids react that way, nothing to worry about.  Holy smokes!  I laughed at first when he was spazzing out, now I’m just getting worn out!  And his tantrums are much more fierce, instant tears instead of building up to them.  Nice.

Even with all of this, I am glad I took him so he won’t cough his cute little melon off tonight.  I’m hoping the rest of Hump Day goes a little smoother for us. 

Here’s a picture of B-bug taking his neb treatment in the dr.’s office.  I was trying anything I could to get him to stop crying and let me hold that mask on his face (reading books, playing Angry Birds on my phone, taking funny pictures).  Ignore my goofy face in the background.  He cried for most of it, lets hope the next few treatments go better.


Little munchkin is now trying to take a nap.  I say trying because I can still hear him back there moving around (but not coughing!!!), those steroids are messing with the little guy’s head.  Hopefully he’s not coming into our room at midnight asking us to play!

Happy Hump Day, Dearhearts!



  1. Oh Erin your morning has me all wiped out just reading this. I really hope he feels better soon and you can get some rest as well. For the record, "Whip a shitty" had me rolling. Too funny.

  2. Don't you just love those busy mommy mornings? Hope your little guy doesn't have to have that neubulizer to long my little guy had to have one for a few weeks last winter and it was no fun giving the treatments :) glad he is doing a little better he will be out of the woods in no time :)

  3. Aww Poor Brennan... You deserve a stiff drink and a pillow for all you've been through today.

    Also, Pandora's Box is like a hit or miss... It can be really good or really bad. And I only know this because I watch a lot of Big Brother. :)

  4. Poor baby! My son reacted the same way when he had those. Hopefully this passes quickly! Now go grab yourself a nap too! :-)