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Hello, Friends! How was your weekend? What did you do? We had a busy weekend, like they all are, right? They just go by like a tornado, you get caught up in them and then on Monday they drop you back down to earth and you move on till the next one.

This weekend my mom, sister and I were talking about a wedding gift for a cousin.  She is actually my mom’s first cousin but we are the same age so I consider her a first to me, too.  Anyway, we are Catholic, which means we have big families (my folks didn’t get the memo, though, because it is just my sister and me).  Because of that we are always going to weddings and showers, gets pretty pricey.  So for my mom’s first cousin’s the three of us go in together to buy a gift.  When we are shopping and we see something that says ‘wedding gift’ we buy it and add it to a stock pile at my mom’s house. Then we go through it and put together an inexpensive but great gift.  So for this cousin, Stella, we are putting together a collection of cooking and baking items.  We decided to add to it some of our favorite recipes.  We didn’t want to just print them off and hand them to her, so we are going to type them up, print them off and put them into a homemade, scrap book-type album.   My sister gave one of these to my mom and me for Christmas last year with all of our Christmas cookie and candy recipes that we make together yearly.  It was a really nice gift and I think this one we make will be used often by Stella.

We decided that each of us will provide one recipe for each cookbook category.  So far I’ve come up with the following: Chicken Scampi, Fancy Shmancy Brownies, Buffalo Wings, Red Pepper & Corn Dip, Pumpkin Bread, and Rosemary Potatoes.  I think I’ll do a soup recipe, also, just have to pick one.  And yes, I have 2 appetizers (the dip and wings) but we all love dips so decided to make them their own category. Smile

So what do you think, would you be happy with this as part of your shower gift?

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