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Today was Bren and my lucky day.  We ran to town to donate some winter coats at my mom’s bank (they are doing a coat drive) and swing by Wal-Mart to pick up the kids’ costumes that I had shipped to the store (Darth Vader and Woody from Toy Story).  As we were leaving I called my dad who is deep in the heart of Harvest.  My dad works for a seed stock company and they pick, not combine, their corn early (even though this year everyone is combining now) so they can dry it themselves.  Why? I have no idea.  It’s some way of controlling something.  Anyhoo, so I called my dad to chat and he asked us to stop by the field he was in so we could ride for awhile.  HEAVEN!!!  Have you ever ridden in a combine/picker before?  It’s like riding a lawn mower to me, relaxing and lots of of time to think.  And special time with just my dad and boy.

We met my dad at the field and rode for about an hour. Today is beautiful, perfect for pickin’ corn!  And for spending some time with my dad -- he ties with my husband for the greatest guy in the world!  So Mr. Brenner-Man and I bounced and swayed along for an hour and had a great time.  Bren didn’t say a word, he just sat and watched and loved it!  Here he is with my dad.


Oh, and I have a favor to ask.  Don’t tell Aiden!!!  He will be so bummed he missed out.

Say an extra prayer for all the farmers out there working hard to bring in their crop.  There are injuries every year.  The yields are going to be low this year.  And they spend a lot of time away from their families to put food on your plate. 

Love to all the farmers out there,



  1. Agreed - gotta love the farmers. Prayers to them ALL.

  2. We have SO many people working harvest in my area too! It is hard and long work. Definitely praying for them. On a bright note I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award go to for more details :)