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Fall Has Arrived!

Like everyone else I absolutely LOVE Fall!  I love the crispness in the air, I love the pumpkins everywhere, I love the colors, I love the decorations!  Fall is exciting, there's anticipation in the air that good things are coming!

For the fun of it I thought I'd share my Fall decorating with you.  I don't have my pumpkins outside yet (gasp!) so today's tour is just of the inside of my home.  Prepare yourself for an overload of pictures!  Cheers to Fall!

I just love a good stack of vintage books worked into my decorations.  These were my grandma's (not the grandma in this picture, though).

My shelves on either side of the fireplace are tricky for me when it comes to decorating.  They are so big, so deep and so dark.  So 'oak', too. :)

I made this 'Boo' set of frames from scrapbooking paper a couple years ago. Still like how they turned out.

This chicken is from my grandma's collection.  I love the 'Fallness' of it!

I found this leaf garland at Menards of all places!  Super inexpensive and it totally did the trick for completing the Fall look on my mantle!

The other side of the fireplace.  The diapers don't scream "Fall" but they are in a handy place for me so there they stay. :)

We love seasonal books!  Tate has commandeered quit a few of our Fall and Halloween books so the stack looks pretty puny right now. :)   Some of our favorite Halloween books are "Pumpkin Soup", "A Halloween Scare in Iowa", "Ten Timid Ghosts", "The Runaway Pumpkin", and "The Pumpkinville Mystery".

Something simple for in front of the TV. (Ignore the construction dust!!!)

I love decorating the top of the piano!

Andy built me a shelf above our fridge, it's been a challenge for me to decorate but it is the perfect depth and height for this Jack-o-lantern.   I love that I can have lights up there, it looks pretty in the evenings with the glow coming from up there.

This little scarecrow has been with me since the first Fall after we got married.  I bought it on clearance during our town's June festival called Ridiculous Days and have loved it ever since!  He's been with us through all three of our homes!

After Halloween is over I'll swap a few things out for my Thanksgiving decorations which helps freshen things up after having my Fall stuff out for 2 months already by then.  I hope you liked the little tour and it put you in a festive mood!

If you have any suggestions on how I can improve those giant built-in's beside the fireplace please share!

Happy Fall, y'all! :)


  1. Okay Erin, it was hard to decide but I think your big jack-o-lantern is my favorite thing. He's just so happy!! xo

  2. Okay Erin, it was hard to decide but I think your big jack-o-lantern is my favorite thing. He's just so happy!! xo

  3. Love the collection of kids books!

  4. I love all your decorations. I have yet to drag mine out and in my current mood I don't think that is going to happen.

  5. You are so festive, I love it all!! My favorite is the shelf above your fridge - those lights and the jack o'lantern are perfect!

  6. I love all the decorations you have. Between yours and Shay's fall decorating posts today, I want to go shopping NOW!!! I need some decor!

  7. Love all the pops of Fall!!

  8. Ohh, I just love to see everyone's fall decorations . . . yours are super cute! You did a great job on the oak shelves!!! I miss the days of themed books to read to the kids . .. lucky you!

  9. Love it Erin... Everything is so nice !!! For the deep shelves, maybe you could line the back with pretty colored poster boards to change it up a bit. Not as permanent as painting the back... Just a thought. You and your home is so festive. Love the tour...