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Fire Prevention Week

This is Fire Prevention Week in our neck of the woods.  Every year on the Wednesday night of this week our hometown does something called Operation Edith.  There's some background story to how this started I believe but I'm not sure of the details, but basically it's just one more way to bring awareness to everyone about fire prevention.  With Operation Edith the fire trucks in town go up and down every street with their lights on.  Homeowners are supposed to turn their lights on and if they are on the trucks toot their horns or turn on their sirens for them.  As a farm kid I missed out on this every year but once I started dating a town boy I had somewhere to be in town to watch this.  I love it!  And my boys love it!  So last night we grabbed some pizza and headed to my in-laws to wait for the trucks.

At about 6:45 we started hearing the sirens so bundled everyone up and headed outside to wait our turn.  We'd hear the sirens get closer but  not see the trucks.  I started getting worried they'd miss our street.  Finally around 7:20 they came by!  Tate was totally thrilled!  We waved and waved our arms and as they got right in front of us they came over their microphone and said "Nice job kids!"  What a thrill!!!  Of course, it was dark so I didn't get any pictures.  But if you follow me on Snapchat (erinmcguire81) you saw a short video and heard our excitement! :)

Tuesday night I received a phone call from one of our local fireman letting me know that Aiden was one of the winners from the annual coloring/drawing contest! His prize for winning was getting picked up by the firetruck before school and getting to eat donuts as they drove around town until school started!  So cool, right?!?

This is his drawing of his escape route if our house catches fire. My favorite part is he included our new window in the living room! :) :) :)  He did an awesome job, the floor plan is right on!

Bright and early we all got up and got ready so when the firetruck arrived to get Aiden we'd all be able to go out and watch him get on!  Finally they arrived ... in a van! What?!?  Where was the firetruck??  Well, it's such a small town we only have 2 and one of them had to be serviced.  Go figure! But Aiden was still excited because he won this same contest 3 years ago and rode in the big firetruck then so this was a little different and exciting.  :)

I dropped Brennan off at school and then waited with the Sweet T's until the trucks arrived. The kids all got out and stood for pictures as the whole school watched. Then they all said the Pledge of Allegiance outside under the flagpole, pretty cool!

Needless to say Tate's entire month has been made by all of these firetrucks!


  1. This is so sweet! Good job A on the picture. It is fire prevention week here too. Oliver's preschool went to the firehouse and he LOVED IT! It was all he talked about for the whole week before. He probably would have jumped out of his skin if he got to ride in an actual fire truck.

  2. I remember doing Fire Prevention Week when I was younger. I wish there was something like that here. I think Marcus would really get a kick out of it.
    How cool that Aiden won the drawing contest!!

  3. What a cool prize!! Must be Fire Prevention nation wide. It's here this week too! The kids have been doing all sorts of fun stuff at school.

    Totally off the subject, when you posted one of those pictures online, all I could think was Tenley's little fall outfit is on point!! Mama has figured out to dress a girl!!! She looks so stinking cute. Makes me really miss G being that little and letting me dress her up like that. Everything's a hassle now!

  4. This is just about the cutest thing ever! Yay for Aiden for winning - awesome job! I love that you remember it from your childhood! I remember the days when something like this would have made my kid's year as well! When I was growing up, Santa would always come by on the firetruck . . . one of my sweetest childhood Christmas memories was waiting for him to come!