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Weekend Rewind

Hello, Monday!  This week has been looming over me for a couple of weeks now - it is jam packed full every single day.  From football practices to appointments, we are busy busy.  This is our last full week of summer vacation and it's not shaping up to be a relaxing one.  I feel like we're hitting the ground at a full on sprint this week.

Recapping our weekend, it all started Friday with our trip to the Great Iowa State Fair.  I'll save that recap for a separate (long) post.  :)

The rest of our weekend was fairly mild.  Saturday morning we headed to Lowes in the big city to talk options and prices for a new window I have been wanting in our living room since the minute we moved in (which was only 5 years ago, ha!).  Every winter I sit here and long for the warmth of the sun that could be pouring in through a large picture window.  The original owners of our house put an addition on to the living room and when they did that they put a corner window in, which is nice, but took out whatever window they'd had on the south wall (for more privacy I'm guessing).  That just makes the living room a tad dark to only have that one SE corner window.  SO!  We are now going to cut a giant hole in our living room wall and install a big 60x72" window!

Andy suggested we 'map it out' on the wall using painter's tape so here's what it's going to look like!  I am so darn excited I can hardly contain myself!  Every time I think about that new window I get so excited!  Sunday we went ahead and ordered the window so it should be in within the next 30 days!!!  Then the hard work happens. :)

Saturday afternoon, because I was so excited about that new window, I took the blinds out of the corner window. Those things were a thorn in my side and I've removed them from every other window in the house already, but this one I kept so we could close them and have privacy at night while watching TV.  Well, since the new curtains are ordered and on their way I thought to heck with this and took them out!  Awww, I can see everything out there now (which includes my flower beds!) and the amount of light that now comes in is awesome!!!

Back to Saturday morning - Andy took the big boys to Kids Day at Kinnick.  They skipped all the fun kid stuff (ha!) and just went to watch the Hawks scrimmage.  Andy sent this picture to me...

...followed by this one captioned "I don't think he's having as much fun here as I am."  :) :) :)

Tenley and I picked the boys up and dropped them off at Pancheros for lunch while we went next door for our very first girls only trip to a craft store!!! This has been one of my dreams about having a daughter and I can finally make that dream come true!  I sent this to Andy saying "We love JoAnn's"...

...and he sent this one back captioned "We love Pancheros!"  Ha ha ha!!!

Sunday I was sitting on the couch when Tenley pulled herself up to the side table to see what I was doing.  I couldn't help but snap a quick picture of that sweet little face!

We puttered around the house Sunday.  I cut my sister and niece's hair plus all three of my boys and Andy's - my arms were getting tired! But now they are ready for school! I did I don't know how many loads of laundry.  Cleaned a little.  Nothing majorly exciting but all needed done.

Like I said at the beginning, this week is insanely busy.  Luckily we end it with my Aunt and Uncle coming to visit from KC Saturday.  What better way to end a crazy week then with family?  Have a great week!


  1. Look at you and the little lady, already getting those shopping dates in! I'm so excited for those trips with Julia.
    Here's to a great and busy week for you!!

  2. That window is going to be so pretty. We have BIG windows all over our house. Love it!

    Tenley got that 1st shopping trip in! Yay! She is the cutest! And Tate acts about like Lukas after a little while at a sporting event.

  3. I can't wait to read your fair post.. I am going to be searching the Illinois State Fair for that beef sundae but I am looking forward to all the fried everything they have to offer. I have never been so we are excited. I laughed at Little T playing in the bleachers and dads comment. I envy your shopping trips by the way...

  4. I am so impressed with all the blog posts you have done lately - and a little jealous! When do you find the time?!?!?

    I'm so excited for that window! I love the natural light - you will love that home improvement! Yay!

    And yes, having a girl to go shopping with is the best . . . my boys do not have that gene!